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Rejected by the Queen of Hearts

My case has been dropped by the police. I was told this a few weeks ago now but understandably I’ve been in a pretty bad place, feeling pretty hopeless most of the time. 469 more words

My dark cloud

I am free sometimes. Like a bird who flutters under the October sky eyes tearing from the brisk autumn droplets of life. Overhead is a cloudy, heaven filled mass each section layered in a new shade of blue gray. 191 more words


Rain drops keep falling on my head…

Saturday October 11th, 2014

Rain, something so refreshing about the way the water falls and the way the air smells. Yet when the first drop falls, even at the lightest of drops people flee for cover and run away from what is essentially just falling water. 800 more words

Dark clouds at night

Night time in 2013. “Interesting looking clouds” I thought when I took it. Taking pictures without a tripod looks like this.