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After the Storm

Happy Monday morning.

Remember, no matter how bleak the dark clouds look, you always know that there is a blue sky behind them just waiting to break out.


• Never Altered Fact

Perplexing circumstances often become dark clouds that conceal from view God’s sovereignty over all affairs of the universe – from the minutest to the ginormous – but that never alters the fact of His eternal reign and unchanging love to those He calls His own.

- M.A. Williams

Mark Anthony Williams


Black holes and dark clouds and space dust are universal metaphors for what(?); that part of you that has no room for anything at all but the perfectly straight line that travels from the retina of your only remaining eye, returning when it will from the end of the universe, ignoring, no, completely oblivious to anyone else in you path(?); no, it’s the other way around, isn’t it? 12 more words

Space Dust

When Dark Clouds Gather

When dark clouds gather, it is a hostile altercation between meaning of life and the prospect of death. Death, not in its final cold lifeless form, but in the form of every living, breathing word that used to exist in my soul getting carbon monoxide poisoning on its way to be turned into a story. 921 more words


Arrival of the Celestial beings

My favourite picture took in Paris, France. Reminds me of the series Mortal Instruments with all the celestial beings.. <3