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The Cabin in the Woods (Horror, Fantasy, Dark Comedy, 2012)

Apparently writers Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon intended to sew all sorts of commentary about the horror genre and its alleged devolution into the lining of… 237 more words

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A horror movie from Kevin Smith? Based on one of his smodcasts? About a guy who lures unsuspecting victims to his home in order to turn them into … walruses? 488 more words

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Watch With Me! "Blade Man" Episode 2

Or: The Weather Man

Hello Friends and Readers!

I am on a comparative roll.  Two consecutive posts in one week. About the same drama. Those of you who are new to the blog may not realize it but that’s like…a big deal around here.   2,100 more words

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In Order Of Disappearance: Review

From Norway, In Order Of Disappearance finds Stellan Skarsgård playing Nils Dickman, a man with a particular set of skills.

That is to say he’s good at operating heavy machinery as a snow plough driver in his small mountainous village; so good that he’s recently been awarded citizen of the year for all his efforts in keeping a connection between the city and mountains. 353 more words

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Our IndieGogo campaign has officially launched!

After filming footage for the pitch video and taking a major crash course in iMovie editing (and pulling half of my hair out in the process), we added it as the last piece of the puzzle to our IndieGogo campaign page. 87 more words


This is Where I Leave You

Love: The casting and screenplay. This is a very well made movie, simple and smart.

Hate: Tina Fey’s acting. I’m sorry, Tina. I love you but you are terrible at delivering serious lines. 96 more words

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Chapter 6: Cold Comfort

He was definitely underdressed.

Blake switched his briefcase from right to his left and jammed his cold fingers into the warm coins and paper clips in his khaki’s pockets, remembering how that very morning, he’d stared into the closet, right past a cardigan sweater and picked out his linen shirt. 1,191 more words

Lost Dogs