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My Personal Letter to Santa Claus…

Dear Santa;

First, let me explain. I know I have not been a good boy. I have been, more often than not, as to inciting discord with people who believe in myths, the government of the United States, and other asshole agencies as you are fully aware. 976 more words

DarkWorks Entertainment

Top 10 Vampires #4 Barnabas Collins

Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows had plenty of critics.  I skipped that party.  In fact, I love this movie.  It probably helps that I was fresh from watching as much of the old soap opera as I could stand in the months before the film was released.   577 more words


Last Call Means Last Call

It never fails. It’s 2:30 but that doesn’t stop the drunks from asking.

“Just one more! Please!”


“What if I tip you real good?” 480 more words

Chapter 11 Pt 2: The Third Wheel

Becca leaned her head against the bus window and watched for people with commas hanging off the end of their lips: women with heavy bags no one wanted to carry, panhandlers with empty cups nobody wanted to look at, cyclists trying to get around cars and old men at stop lights, opening and closing their mouths like they’d just been pulled out of a lake. 846 more words


The Splendid Isolation of the Ivory Tower (and its Hapless Victims)

The Mindful Bard: Listen Up Philip

by Wanda Waterman
the Voice, Volume 22 Issue 45 2014-11-14

Film: Listen Up Philip

Director: Alex Ross Perry

“The need to feel superior, though common to all neuroses, must be stressed here because of its intrinsic association with detachment. 130 more words

77 Cents on Your Dollar

I’m about to knock my glass off the table to get the bartender’s attention. Cameltoe Joe walked by once already. No he raced by. My beer was already skimming the bottom, little more than foam, but he didn’t notice, didn’t offer me a fresh one. 544 more words

Leaves of Grass (2010)

Leaves of Grass

★ ★ ★ ★ 1/2 out of 5

Directed by Tim Blake Nelson

Starring Edward Norton as Bill and Brady Kincaid

Imdb Link… 459 more words