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Three Films to Watch Over and Over

Some people refuse to watch the same film twice and while I do believe that nobody needs to see the sequel to Deuce Bigalow multiple times (or even once for that matter), I think a few films are designed to create a different experiences with every viewing. 1,248 more words


Disturbo 13: Bloodsucking Freaks

Part 4 of 13, excerpted from an essay entitled “Disturbo 13: The Most Disturbing Horror Films Ever Made” by Stanley Wiater.

This was reportedly first released as… 250 more words


Book Review - Eustace by S.J. Harris

Eustace is a sickly boy confined to his bed. He eats soup, has to endure visits from his great-aunts and longs for the day when his hero, his brother Frank, returns home. 267 more words

Turning Blurty.

It has become very clear to me, that despite what I want, the days just keep on ticking over.

Don’t get me wrong I much prefer this option to the alternative, but still…I think I have reached a point of realisation that life is now on a trajectory that I have no control over..at all. 688 more words



Directed by Craig Johnson, Written by Mark Heyman, Craig Johnson

When the opening scene of a movie shows a woman, Maggie, staring at a handful of medication, obviously wanting out of her life, only to receive a phone call that her brother Milo has just attempted the same act, but is alive, in hospital… One can’t help but be immediately intrigued. 875 more words


A Fright Fest Foursome

By Vince Gaetano

Four movies! For the price of one! And in case you may have forgotten, the price of one is still a flat fee of jack shit. 887 more words


Schlocktoberfest Day 16: Killjoy Goes To Hell (2012)

Synopsis: Killjoy is back in the fourth installment of the demonic clown series. This time Killjoy is being accused of not being evil, since he let one of his victims get away. 414 more words