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Unfortunately, Jack Feature

Hello hello!

Welcome to the official web page for the feature film Unfortunately, Jack. This film is currently in pre-production. The screenplay has been written and the main cast has been selected. 8 more words


Chapter 4: Man Problems

“Hey! Action-Jackson!”  Karl jingled some change in his hand. “I’m buying.”

Jackson looked at him like he was speaking Martian. Karl clarified: “Coffee?”

“Black,” Jackson answered. 1,101 more words

Dark Comedy

Rejection II

So this week I was given a very lovely and special invite by my sister, to attend a book week concert at my nephew Jack’s school. 843 more words

God's Pocket.

Deep underneath its greasy, dishevelled characters, God’s Pocket has community at its heart. Outside of the plot, this is a film about the claustrophobia of a certain type of neighbourhood and the unlucky individuals who can’t get out of them. 472 more words


Movie gem of the week: The Living Wake (2007)

The Living Wake(2007) directed by Sol Tryon & written by Mike O’Connel/Peter Kline is a delightful and somewhat disturbing trip to the absurd in a similar vein to Withnail & I, Napolean Dynamite & Wes Anderson’s ‘Rushmore’. 155 more words


Calvary: Wrath, Doubt, and the Loss of Innocence

Hi! It’s been a long while since we last wrote here, and I’m gonna go and review a film EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH!

Calvary is a not-well-known Irish film released this year that features some well known actors. 782 more words


So what next?

Rejection….it stings, it hurts, it rips like a monkey with an orange for breakfast.

That feeling you get, BAM! Like a sock to the place inside of you, deep, deep down past all the bullshit where you did truly believe you were worth it. 920 more words