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Yesterday, when we went to see The Hunger Games: The Mocking Jay Part I in Nottingham, we decided to take a walk through the Arboretum to avoid the road and see a bit more colour around us.   169 more words


the days are getting colder

the night’s are getting shorter…. You see, this is how “Into the Woods” keeps seeping into my life!

But it’s true. It is getting colder and it is getting darker sooner out there, which means my mood is feeling darker. 681 more words

November Offerings

Book Review – Dark Days by Kate Ormand

Book Review

A world divided according to sectors, but few are chosen to live in the New World. Sia Morgan has got 15 days to live. 458 more words



And sometimes against all odds we still hope.
Life is very unpredictable. We do not know what can possibly happen the next minute. There is this constant feeling of uncertainty that each one of us has within us. 319 more words


The Universe Has Infinite Abundance...

Sometimes, just as you need it most, the Universe delivers something so spectacularly beautiful, that it feels like the breath of life has just been breathed back into you. 595 more words

Life Appreciation

I found hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest. I do not judge the universe. Dalai Lama

Spiritual Development

The Long Roads....

There are so many of them in life it seems…  Roads that never really seem to end…  Roads that feel like they’re uphill all the way…  Roads that feel lonely, that seem to isolate you, that feel like they’re full of potholes and dangers…. 554 more words