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Let The Pain Take Me Whole

It’s been two months and five days since Terrance died. I can say it now without crying and completely falling apart. My pain is slow burning like ashes in a fire that almost engulfed me whole. 305 more words

Infant Loss

Once again I'm struggling

I can’t shake this cloud. I feel I’m making poor choices and I care but the not giving a Damn is in full working order. 52 more words

Crack in the Castle..

As you read this ,remember not the hand that
wrote it but what gives rise
to meaning
Food for the soul, thoughts for the mind and… 218 more words

Guest Posts


Life a word that holds so many meanings. I have no clue whether I told anyone about what I went through during my really dark days. 581 more words

Just sadness

Sadness is like a world coloured in grey and black, without any sunshine to give light in your world, not even a tiny spark.
Sadness tastes salty from the tears flooding your eyes, from the pain and the loneliness you feel inside. 37 more words


Ah, give the little kitties some catnip, let someone around here get high

=-= If I cant create, I’m miserable. +/+

**She said art makes me cum**

5.  I don’t paint soft, I paint youthfully loud. *-



Dark days

Last few days were very dark, not only weather wise…
Those days are a test of our existence as humans; of our values, patience, strength, also testing of our love we nurture in our hearts towards other human beings. 153 more words