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Poem: For My Good

For My Good: Jackie Dove-Miller

Life’s chilly winds blew fiercely
And I had to stand them alone
But a fire started inside me
And my will to survive grew strong. 128 more words


Locked Away

Touch not the space that surely must procure a sensation but does not. His hand cannot convey sensation for he attempts to touch a reflection procured from behind a mirror. 207 more words


Hogun’s Mace Robust Porter Tasting Notes

Original Post: Sour Porter
Style: Robust/American Porter
Brew Date: August 20, 2013
Tasting Date: September 19, 2014
ABV: 7.2%
IBUs: 32

First of all, I’m breaking my own rule of doing tasting notes in the time it takes to drink a twelve ounce bottle of beer because I only have this beer in larger bottles. 570 more words


Hogun’s Mace (Accidentally Sour) Robust Porter

I made reference to this beer yesterday.  It was days away from being bottled when fermentation seemed to be kicking back up.  Steamtoberfest had recently become infected and it looked like this was going the same direction.  1,023 more words


Steamtoberfest: Patient Zero

I brewed Mocktoberfest Ale in 2012, just before brewing my first lagers. In 2013, I decided that I would go ahead and use lager yeast, using the water bath method to try to keep the temperature down. 564 more words


Hopyard Harvest Pale Ale (2013)

Last year was my first season of growing hops. Everyone says not to expect to get any cones your first year. I did get a few cones on two of my five plants, though. 417 more words


Suicide takes another tortured soul...sadly and painfully written by Chuck Duboff

@Chuck Duboff

I am in such pain writing this blog…please tolerate this rambling…

Late last night I received a text (why I woke up to check my cell phone is beyond me)…Lisa had passed away, Lisa had committed suicide last Friday night. 473 more words