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Hogun's Demeanor Mild

In the middle of the Dark Times, I had one bright spot. On the same day that I brewed Hogun’s Mace Robust Porter, I made an English Mild with the second runnings. 211 more words


Glen Porter – 5AM

If you feel this song, also listen to Glen Porter’s UM.

Chayed Out

7 Things They Don't Tell You About Living With Chronic Pain

Last night, amongst the drugs and the pain and the madness of sleep deprivation I had a thought. “Golly,” I said to myself, “Why don’t I do a blog post on X Number of Things They Don’t Tell You About Chronic Pain?” Brilliant. 2,134 more words


Common Valor

In heroic fiction, there’s always another twist on the way to a final victory; in reality there’s always something new to endure in the course of just staying alive. 398 more words

Dark Days

Poem: For My Good

For My Good: Jackie Dove-Miller

Life’s chilly winds blew fiercely
And I had to stand them alone
But a fire started inside me
And my will to survive grew strong. 128 more words


Locked Away

Touch not the space that surely must procure a sensation but does not. His hand cannot convey sensation for he attempts to touch a reflection procured from behind a mirror. 207 more words