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Dark Noir : A Stunning Imaginative Must Watch

Dark Noir

So it’s been a long time since I reviewed an animated film. So I thought I would return to the world of animation for a review or two. 339 more words

Short Film

Happy Launch Day!

In case you missed it, yesterday was the launch of my second book, Ghosts of Winter! It’s out there now, for anyone with a Kindle or Kindle App to read. 26 more words

Echoes Of The Past

Interview with Authorrise.

Authorrise were kind enough to invite me to do an interview. Follow the link if you are interested. Oh, and the very next interview I do will not be when I am minding my small grandson. 29 more words

The Carousel In The Sky, by author Erik Gustafson @Eriktiger

The Carousel In The Sky
Erik Gustafson

In the middle of a forest of oaks, a mansion sits, inviting the young and old to explore its depths. 131 more words


Research and Fantasy.

I was having an interesting discussion a few days back with an author who writes in a different genre to myself. The upshot of it was that they thought I was very lucky was it didn’t really matter what details/setting/skills I added to my sci fis and fantasy as it was all made up anyway.   621 more words

Wyrd Calling - Angel Feathers.

Wyrd Calling opens the Wyrd Bound series with Thalia being dragged back to her role as Wyrd Bound. What on Earth does that mean? Wyrd Bound means that she was quite literally made by the Wyrd Sisters (the Norse fates) to help them keep balance. 1,247 more words

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Free Today: How To Kill Yourself In A Small Town By Eden Hudson

It’s Snarky Humour Day! In the tradition of Diana Rowland’s White Trash Zombie series, meet Eden Hudson and her new series The Redneck Apocalypse.

Free today on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, I couldn’t resist adding it to my “must read” pile! 257 more words