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Signs Of Life: Chapter Twenty-Three of Bad Company

In the company of the Sisterhood, I know we are safe. Their reputation is fearsome and legendary. Death comes swiftly to vampire, zombie, ghoul, and mutate alike. 1,270 more words

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Silk And Steel: Chapter Twenty-Two Of Bad Company

There is a sound like a sudden thunderclap and suddenly, our enemies are disorganized and unable to remain cohesive. I look over my shoulder to see the witch doctor reel backwards and drop from his position in the air–right into the arms of his ghoul army below. 1,022 more words

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Double Vision: Chapter Twenty-One Of Bad Company

As I buzz around trying to get all the intel I can get, I come face-to-face with someone who looks exactly like me! No! 1,004 more words

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Terminal Frost: Chapter Twenty Of Bad Company

Short seventeen people now, we have to make the best of our resources. Sure, that is seventeen less mouths to feed, but it is also seventeen less hands to help with defense and the gathering of needed wood and supplies. 1,280 more words

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Writing Links...8/15/14

Writing Links…8/15/14

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Short Stories/Anthologies:

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  5. 302 more words
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Chapter Thirteen—The Tempest of Decay

The following is an excerpt from chapter 13 of Sewn From Seeds: Disinterred:

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