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What Does It Matter?: Chapter Sixteen Of "Dreams I'll Never See"

Grady’s safe house is a church. At one time, it held several hundred people during services. Maybe thousands. I don’t know how many people once lived in this ghost town, nor do I want to. 1,036 more words

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TLoN - Prelude

Crows. That’s how the nightmares all began. One time I went to the doctor because I was having knee pains after running and he asked me if it was chronic. 291 more words

Horror Genre

The Strange...The Bizarre...The Magical: WEAVEWORLD

How have I never heard of Clive Barker before?!?! I just recently finished his highly compelling, gripping and surreal novel, Weaveworld, and I have to say I was quite intrigued. 680 more words

Short Story in Women Destroy Fantasy!

So Women Destroy Fantasy! is a real thing that definitely exists (I have external confirmation that I am not solipsistically hallucinating this… though I guess that doesn’t mean much if we’re going to carry solipsism to its logical conclusion) and I have a story in the book version, which you can get hold of… 224 more words

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Micro-fiction 004 - Demon (Echoes series)


A supernatural tale about a little girl, her father, and the demon who came to terrorize the valley.

Echoes | Demon

The little girl and her father trudged up the hill. 1,731 more words

Dark Fantasy

A Look Back A Look Forward

It’s October 1st and I have to wonder where September went!  It was an exciting month on the writing front.

A Look Back

Colorado Gold… 311 more words

Reading Links...10/1/14

Reading Links…10/1/14



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