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April Submission Blitz – Mash-up Maybe?

Part of me is not a big fan of mash-ups, but I’m honestly a sucker for ones involving fairy-tales. I sharpened my horror teeth on fairy-tale mash-ups from Tanith Lee. 292 more words


Famine Is Here

I’m way behind in my A to Z Challenge posts because Famine finally went live for sale on Amazon (in ebook and print formats). I hope you guys will take a look and click on that… 29 more words


Edition 5: A Debt Called In by Michael B Fletcher

An extortion attempt leads to more trouble than any of the parties had bargained for. When a gift horse appears, perhaps it should be looked in the mouth, before it’s too late. 1,586 more words


Edition 5: Azurewrath by Esme Carpenter

Werewolves and vampires make unusual dinner companions, but in a time of truce, dinner at Azurewrath is for the purposes of peace. Thomas Cromley knows that somewhat is amiss, but cannot figure it out. 2,597 more words


Edition 5: The Memory Eater by Holly Day

Alcohol and cigarettes galore, and there is something John should be remembering. Little Bobby knows, but can he free John before he forgets his former life completely? 3,812 more words



the withering man, part 12

Shallow Wells Medical Center looked different than I remembered it. It had been a long time since I’d been here, but there were a lot of people here for this time of night. 5,605 more words


Flavors of the OSR part 4: Fantastic Heroes & Witchery

Fantastic Heroes & Witchery

by Dominique Crouzet (DOM Publishing)

Type: Hybrid (Mix of many editions: includes elements from AD&D, OD&D, B/X and 3E)

Availability… 2,649 more words