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Sneak Preview ~ Celestial Lightning: Imposing The Heavenly Realm

Hello All My Honeys,

Sorry for the long silence but I’ve been very ill lately and haven’t been able to write much of anything. I’m not even halfway through with Celestial Lightning’s second part and almost two weeks have passed. 2,413 more words


The Carousel In The Sky, by author Erik Gustafson @Eriktiger

The Carousel In The Sky
Erik Gustafson

In the middle of a forest of oaks, a mansion sits, inviting the young and old to explore its depths. 131 more words


Lucky Cross

She gawked at the arrow that was buried in the wall of the house and then at the ancient gold cross in her hand.

Lucky cross – if I hadn’t bent to pick it up… 69 more words

R.M. DuChene

Guest Post by Carson Buckingham, author of Gothic Revival. ( @59CarsonBuck )

The Frankenstein Monster or His Bride?
Gender Bias in Horror

Carson Buckingham

Gender bias in the horror genre? I honestly don’t think so—not in present times, at any rate. 785 more words


Atlantis Pt. 4

The small room used for surveillance of new residents was a fairly bare place aside from the three desks and one display screen that showed the holding room for new residents. 1,109 more words


With a Scythe

When you are dead, cling on to it, cherish it.

Don’t listen to any of that mealy mouthed crap about the “gift of life” that some snivelling little mother/father figure peddles, meaninglessly, to justify the damage their hormones wrought and to disguise the fact that they were either: 175 more words

Creative Writing

The Invasion is Well Under Way...

An urban sci-fi/horror flash-fiction story that may just cause you to look at those living on the streets in an entirely new light…

In Plain Sight… 40 more words

Flash Fiction