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Black Butterflies

New work started today. Black Butterflies, or the Killing Jar.


The Seeksorrow

Original 8″ x 10″ acrylic on acid-free paper painting. Inspired by the archaic word- seek-sorrow- one who strives to give himself or herself vexation. Here is a strange little man dowsing for sorrow in a dark forest. 10 more words


The Seeksorrow

Seeksorrow is an archaic word for one who strives to give himself vexation. So here I’ve imagined an odd little figure dowsing for sorrows in a dark wood.


A Shadowy World

With each passing autumn day there is less daylight, and the world becomes slowly engulfed in shadows. Dark thoughts and fears arise, and some of them are reflected in the eerie photos in this week’s post. 584 more words


Execution of a Vampire Traitor

A chilling sight waits for any who wander in the Dark Forest after the secretive execution of Drake, the vampire traitor who was reportedly hunted weeks ago around Stromness. 163 more words

Breaking News

Sister Insect

Sister dirty cheap upon a wood
floor; ants heap coffee grounds
to dig a hole down the center:
a fiddle-player without a bow,
a pianist out of keys.  196 more words