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DARK HORSE NATION: FINALLY the mash-tun cleaning antics TV viewers have been demanding all these years

In case you haven’t heard yet, them old bearded boys of Marshall, Michigan went and done acquired themselves a television show, on the history channel no less. 786 more words


I am Jack's feeling of uncontrollable excitement

I will start off with two disclaimers. One: If you haven’t read or seen Fight Club ( the 1996 book and 1999 film) written by… 588 more words


'Storm', 'Afterlife With Archie', And Other Comics Of Note, July 23rd

Cthulu, undead G.I.s and more prevade this week’s comics. Here’s a look at the books of interest on the stands from DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, IDW Publishing, Boom!, Valiant, and Archie Publications.


Stephanie Reads Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 10 Issue #5

The fifth issue of season 10 concludes the five-part story of New Rules. When we last left Buffy and co., Dracula was turning into an Old One, the one Buffy actually fought in the Deeper Well in season 9 thanks to a bad rewrite of some rules in the Vampyr book. 267 more words


Our Review of 'Legacy #17'

You can check out our review of Legacy #17 over on Jedi News!

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Jedi News.
Star Wars

News Releases: 'Legacy #17', 'The Star Wars HC', and 'The Star Wars TPB'

Dark Horse Comics has four new releases today.

Legacy #17 (of 18)

On a mission by order of the Empress, Ania Solo and a contingent of stormtroopers search for Jao Assam and Darth Wredd. 199 more words

Star Wars

Comic Review - The Goon: Occasion of Revenge #1

Publisher: Dark Horse

Writer: Eric Powell

Artist: Eric Powell

Release Date: July 2014

Poor Fred Paulsey, he just couldn’t take anymore. Overcome with depression, anger, and a thirst for vengeance, his final act on this mortal coil was to eat a bullet. 280 more words