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Happy Batman Day: 75 Years and Counting for the Dark Knight

By Steve Sowers

Today is Batman Day, a celebration of all things Batman and the rich 75-year-old history of the Caped Crusader. DC Comics named today the day and supplied various comic book stores nationwide with free Batman comics and other Batman related items such as masks and bookmarks. 438 more words


Batman Day Carols

Today is Batman Day. No, seriously, it really is. July 23rd has been declared a day to honor the Dark Knight – everyone’s favorite one-percenter crime fighter. 197 more words


Holy Batman Day, Batman!

Today, Batman turned 75 years old. The Caped Crusader’s impact on pop culture is undeniable, especially as one of the few “everyman” superheroes that can stand their ground amongst those who might otherwise seem like gods. 634 more words


Batman's 75th Anniversary

Today DC Comics is celebrating 75th anniversary of Batman with event and comics all over the geekosphere. Batman first appeared in Detective Comics #27 in May 1939 and today DC is giving away free comics of a new edition of Detective Comics #27.   45 more words


Batman's Beginning

Last week I re-watched the Christopher Nolan Batman movies, one each night for three nights. Seeing them one after another for the first time, without a gap of years between to dull my memory, something struck me that I completely missed before: these movies are three chapters of a single story, and the story is Bruce Wayne’s, not Batman’s. 666 more words


Gesaffelstein's Gotham

A fighter for change, for the good of his community; Batman.

A vigilante and a menace; Batman.

A tipper of scales?

Whatever your opinion, here is a mash up I have put together of Tim Burton’s Batman to the music of Gesaffelstein.