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The Duality of Comic Characters

What I like to refer to as the duality of characters, in which long standing characters are often defined in two very different, and in some instances opposite, manners has existed in comics for many decades. 757 more words


Just Purrrrfect

As much as I’ve loved the girl in the red cape, ever since the Batman series in the 60s and due in no small way to Julie Newmar’s performance, I’ve been intrigued by Catwoman (Selina Kyle). 91 more words

DC Comics

Robot Rejects - I AM BATMAN!

I am a huge Batman fan and strangely enough a huge Superman fan as well. You usually don’t see a fan of both, anyway, I felt like seeing one of the Robot Rejects crew try on the famous cowl & cape. 131 more words

Mega Man

Work in Progress

Vector illustrations Work in progress.

File Confidential. Top Secret

To: JohnDoe297

I love you the most because I know you’re the only man in this universe that would never hurt me. You’ll use every… 170 more words

Ben Affleck in official photo revealed at comic-con.
Ben affleck stated that he did not want to change how batman was portrayed too much from Christopher Nolan’s and Christian Bale’s version however he wants to make batman more older and wiser. 112 more words