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ThePainoGuys and their Awesome Batman musical piece

They are many types of Geeks in the world. One in particular is the comic book geek. What once was considered a hobby for children has grown not only to be fully accepted by your parents, but also of particular interest to some of the best novelists and movie creators in the world. 208 more words

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Batman at 75: Hot off the press... The Freshly Minted Batman #1 REVIEWED!

On Comic Book Day, a Jokerside exclusive! After a soaring debut in the pages of Detective Comics #27 the comical Caped Crusader and his still inexplicable Boy Wonder have won their own spin-off title. 3,051 more words


I Went To The Comic Store One Day

Well, originally I had an interview scheduled today that got delayed into tomorrow, so time for Plan B!

I’m new to comics. Twenty-two years of consuming all sorts of media, but never touched a comic.

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her last pipe dream

now he would have stayed forever
yet her cunning forced him out
there was no need for a battle
as he moved without a shout… 82 more words


Ever heard of Hama Beads?

Until this afternoon I hadn’t heard of Hama beads. I was browsing through Pokemon-themed art on Google images earlier for some inspiration and the same beaded creations kept popping up. 259 more words


Let's put a smile on that face!

Here is the best scene of the Joker in the Dark Knight! Heath Ledger gave an outstanding performance as the joker and has been critically acclaimed by critics and people around the world. 37 more words

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Welcome to my blog regarding all things Batman. What you will find here can fit between comics and movies, or video games and cartoons. If it has our favorite vigilante, well then it applies. 14 more words