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For Fans Of: Lana Del Rey, Tennis, Amy Winehouse, BANKS

With a similar voice to mega pop star Lana Del Rey, CHLØË BLACK definitely has the makings of a star in her own right, especially if her debut song “27 Club” is anything to go by. 19 more words

New Music

VEELA, "My Enemy"

If you love dark pop mixed with hints of medieval mayhem à la Loreena McKennitt, then you’ll love VEELA.  There’s something within this song that makes me think VEELA has something so many popstars lack, and that’s depth.   75 more words


Death Rattle, "Weak Joints"

Do you take your electropop with sugar or arsenic?  If it’s the latter, then you’ll love Death Rattle.  “Weak Joints” is synthy, sultry and creepy.  The kind of dark pop we’ve heard from Depeche Mode and more recently, Feathers.   24 more words


Mating Ritual - Game

For Fans Of: Pacific Air, Panama, Miamigo, St. Lucia

Mating Ritual is the new moniker of Pacific Air member Ryan Lawhon. “Game” and “Toxins” are his debut tracks and they show all the promise that his former band showed from their debut. 12 more words

New Music

Girl Friend - Stop

With hints of Arctic Monkeys’ latest offering easy to hear in this delightful piece of so-called ‘dark pop’ from Manchester-based 5-piece outfit Girl Friend, the band are clearly well aware of what it takes to make music truly great.  182 more words


Darling Violetta - Smaller God (2003)

The bittersweet age of the year draws nigh, and so I offer you this song, a reminder of a time long gone, with diaphanous tendrils weaved into our accelerated present. 103 more words