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Watch ""dont forget" by koan kane" on YouTube

Sadness , anger and other negative emotions seem nonproductive in the world , but in music you learn to harness them. Dismal ,cold and raining , I left the house at 1am , not feeling at all happy, driving around the city looking for a “location” to shoot. 72 more words

Watch ""dont forget" by koan kane" on YouTube

When you listen to daily conversation without context , the mind fills in the blanks. You hear what you want to hear, reflect back what you are as a person .If the person is sinister, you hear dark overtones , if you are a romantic you hear only that. 19 more words

The Belle Game: Wait Up For You

I recently discovered Canadian band The Belle Game and I can’t get enough of their atmospheric sound. The band’s music has been described as dark pop and it suits due to their somber songs. 27 more words


Loving The Neighbourhood's I Love You.

Music often serves as a medium of reflection, allowing us to recall certain experiences and make sense of our lives. In that case, The Neighbourhood… 547 more words

Jaymes Young - Habits Of My Heart (Sufjan Stevens Remake)

For Fans Of: Bastille, The Weeknd, ASTR

Jaymes Young was revealed to the music world in a big way last year through his covers of “What Is Love” and “Dark Star”. 75 more words

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