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My dark side

Therapist: Was it his lack of reaction that pushed you over the edge?

Me: I felt like i was talking to a wall. There i was, telling him that i still love him…and he didn’t even blinked. 998 more words


The Dark Side: It’s so Easy to Hate

I wouldn’t be surprised to see a No Vacancy sign on the Dark Side one of these days. It’s getting to be a pretty popular place. 489 more words


Step 2 - Acknowledge without judgment

Yesterday, I challenged you to “Choose an attitude of cheerfulness” all day long.  How did you you do?  I believe that part of this process has to be an honesty with yourself.   729 more words

This is what I see when I am allowed into my patient's world...(WARNING EXPLICIT CONTENT)





New Field

….to be amongst this that I might help with what this mother fucker Dr-n-PhD-in-all can do…and that’s me.

Adult ADHD

Cult of SATURN (lord of the rings), with Jay Weidner.

Jay Weidner & Troy McLachlan, talking about The Cult Of Saturn being very influential in society through secret societies, in the past and in the modern world.

Whats New?

Episode 0: An Old Friend

“Tell me something, old friend: why are you fighting?”

The Master lowered his weapon and looked into Ben’s faded blue eyes. It had been necessary to return to the swamps and enter the tree cave.

18 more words

Yoda vs. Dark Yoda (Conquering our Dark Side)

I think that this video is incredible. I find that this video is relatable to aspects of psychosis. Many of us, even the great hero Yoda, experience the “dark side” of ourselves. 116 more words