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Leo Haslam's Star Wars Darth Vader Fan-Art

3D Artist Leo Haslam has created this fantastically evil piece of fan-art depicting a redesign of Star Wars‘s villainous Darth Vader. The piece is called “ 54 more words


Milan Karmeli: Why It’s Important To Understand Your Dark Side

When you were little, were you afraid of the dark? Most of us were. And I doubt we ever thought to question this fear. We were almost naturally taught to be afraid of the dark, because the dark is full of unknown things that might hurt us. 1,031 more words

Follow up article on my work as a mixed media artist - by Peta Lily

The Clown Video

Peta wrote a small follow-up post on her blog, with regard to my work as a mixed media artist and specifically my work with clown. 15 more words


While The Lady Krath's Away....


While the Lady Krath’s away, I, The Professor must take over this blog (she’s become a memetic demon wolf wreaking havoc across the Morphic Field). 14 more words

"Dark Side By The Bay"

“The deepest lie is the denial of the dark side. It is a part of life, as ingrained as the bones. and because each of us is a separate entity, no one knows but us. 157 more words


They Them Us Me (Audio Version)

Trigger Warning: This is a dark poem expressing emotions linked to childhood abuse.

They Them Us Me is a dark poem that exposes unexplored emotions from my past. 62 more words


Shadow Games, Endgame...


Let’s talk about how desperate the stupor- elites are…

First off, my specially breed educated fools lost the Shadow Game.

Second, let’s talk Global Cooling/ Warming/ Climate Change… 100 more words