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Joining The Dark Side

(*plays The Imperial March*)

I’ve been a Coke guy for years, using a combination of regular Coke to treat low blood sugars, and Diet Coke to get through marathoned Geography projects and English essays since about year ten. 534 more words

I Suck

3D Printing Hits Case Modding

3D printing has taken the manufacturing industry by storm but, it’s also recently weaved it’s way into PC Case Modding. PC Case Modding is a way that users can customize their desktops to be an extension of their personalities. 274 more words

RepRap Squad's Projects

Let's Explore

If you’re looking for the light
Or some sort of inspiration
I’m sorry
But you’ve come to the wrong place
If you’re looking to explore… 19 more words


Another Rant

Guess what? Chicken butt. Cause all you gonna get is shit.

Just like how trying to take the anime community of many of the forums I frequent is going to be nothing but shit. 1,774 more words

The Nut-shit-funbag Corner

Dark Words

It’s been almost a month since my last post and I only have a half decent excuse for half of that. To quickly sum up NaNoWriMo: it was a success, although it would be false modesty to say I was ever in doubt of that fact. 953 more words


Light in the Dark

In an apt metaphor at this increasingly dark time of year, Todd Kashdan, asks the #Quest2015 pack to consider the upside of our dark side: 433 more words


Life Lesson

Life Lesson:

I only know this because I realize it now through living it. No matter what, do not give in to anger and hate, otherwise known as the… 264 more words