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About Mythology and Dragons and Inanna

Joseph Campbell opens The Hero With a Thousand Faces:

“Whether we listen with aloof amusement to the dreamlike mumbo jumbo of some red-eyed witch doctor of the Congo, or read with cultivated rapture thin translations from the sonnets of the mystic Lao-tse; now and again crack the hard nutshell of an argument of Aquinas, or catch suddenly the shining meaning of a bizarre Eskimo fairy tale: it will always be the one, shapeshifting yet marvelously constant story that we find, together with a challengingly persistent suggestion of more remaining to be experienced than will ever be known or told.” 3,005 more words

Musings And Other Shorts

Tipsy Tuesday!

Hello again. It’s ‘Tipsy Tuesday’! And today I’m going to give you all a few tips on:

How to stay out of the weird side of YouTube. 433 more words



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The sweet smelling morning air

takes me to a land afar and fair

in beauty has no match,yet beware

of monsters enticing,lurking in shadows… 73 more words


The Darkest Raven

In the darkest dark of the night
She stand firmly
With her head held high
The Darkest Raven
Spread her wings
And flew onto the sky… 189 more words


Welcome to the "Dark Side"

I don’t usually wear lipstick but during the fall I love wearing this lip colour. PLUM PLUM PLUM. I was always hesitant to try a dark lip colour but absolutely fell in love with MAC Cosmetics’ … 218 more words


Quote: Most people believe that technology is a staunch friend

“. . . most people believe that technology is a staunch friend. There are two reasons for this. First, technology is a friend. It makes life easier, cleaner, and longer.

75 more words
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