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Tales of woe, Dark Souls 2 dlc.

Step cautiously once more into the death stricken lands of Drangleic to experience even more pain and suffering, but hey that’s what we love about Dark Souls isn’t it? 273 more words


Skyrim and Mass Effect Reflect Life, That's Why They're Awesome

RPGs may be set in fantasy-land, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t reflections of the real world. 


Bringing it Back to Dark Souls

Last time, on Aether’s Adventures in Barely Hanging On, we got sucked into a painting with no way out and very limited supplies, and had a hard time. 4,298 more words

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Leak: Microsoft Stores Lists Darks Souls 2 For XB1

A Google search for “Dark Souls Xbox One” will bring up a listing for “Buy Dark Souls II for Xbox One – Microsoft Store”.  The link currently takes you to the Xbox 360 version, but this just helps confirm the current rumor of Dark Souls II coming to next gen.   21 more words


New Releases: July 21st-28th

Is pay day coming up? Have you got birthday money to spend? Whatever the case, you’re going to be interested in finding out what fancy new games we’ve got coming out next week, are you not? 181 more words

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Most Accurate Review for Dark Souls

This review on Steam is the most accurate review of Dark Souls ever!

source: CB

- Colleen