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Obsessions, shiny things and death

I have become incredibly addicted to Dark Souls.  Now as someone that hates hard video games, I never thought I would say that.  However since the majority of people who play it end up loving it, I always thought that I would like to give it a try one day. 502 more words



Let’s face it, when it comes to fantasy and Sci-Fi games, magic is everywhere!  In some cases, it is the life-force of a planet, or the spirit of a people, in others it’s a synthetic drug or element-weilding savant.   339 more words



Again- Dark Souls. I know, I know, it’s just… This game is so awesome! Also, this is my first drawing in Photoshop.


Take my hand. Let's walk together.

Tonight Marc and I watched two episodes of the British television series Happy Valley.

Let me tell you, that is one grossly misleading title. 870 more words

To Whom It May Concern

Looking back at Dark Souls - Part I

In the past three years, there hasn’t been a game series that’s grabbed my attention as much as Dark Souls has. A game so deeply vested in character that I start to get emotional when I think about the journey it takes you on. 1,231 more words


Stop using the Drake Sword!

Hiya. Jimmy here. I just thought I’d give some advice to any new Dark Souls players (not that there are any there days) who might have just nabbed themselves a shiny new Drake sword. 510 more words