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Cake'n Games Opinion:How Dark Souls re-invented the wheel. A love letter to Lordran.

Every generation of console has its defining moment for each gamer and it took me a long time to realise what the last generation’s was. There are some obvious choices but I’m not talking about prestiging, motion control or vast worlds of film-evoking, decision-prompting plot though. 867 more words


Prints Available on 2D pieces!!

So yeah i’m happy to announce that you can buy some lovely prints of my landscape pieces from right here

They are being hosted on Society 6 they can be printed plain, with a frame or even on canvas, so if you’re into fantasy, video games, dark souls or just nice looking things then go check it out.

Samuel Bailey

Do you know the difference between difficulty and punishment in game design?

Extra Credits illustrates how to properly identify the difference between difficulty and punishment when developing your game. Some games like Dark Souls may be able to leverage one or the other well, but you have to be careful. 7 more words

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And Then I Remembered There was Free Pizza (or Get Drunk and Follow Your Dreams)

School starts in two days and I don’t have any of my books. I’ve spent a year in Chicago and I still haven’t made a movie I am proud of. 525 more words


Bloodborne – A Look Ahead

If I were to pick one game due to come out this year that I am most excited about, it would have to be Bloodborne. Due for release in March 2015, Bloodborne is the latest game from From Software, the company behind Demon’s Souls and the Dark Souls series. 543 more words

The Gutter

The Story of the Gutter

Deep in a cave connected to sewers miles below the town of Majula lies the Gutter.  Dark Souls 2’s kingdom of Drangleic is currently afflicted with what is called, “the curse” which prevents death in humans.   581 more words

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Interview: Ska Studios - Salt and Sanctuary

Hi everyone, while going through my YouTube subscriptions the other week, I found a video by VaatiVidya who is well known around the Souls series community.   884 more words