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The addictive product currently proliferating the inner sanctums of Britain is not a powder, liquid or gas. It is creating hordes of red-eyed semi-conscious people (predominantly male, I would hazard to guess). 98 more words

Dark Souls

Sheet Music Update

Just a small update; I finally got around to doing sheet music for one of my older piano solo tracks, Drown in Sorrow. I’ve also added the sheet music for my recent Dark Souls 2 and Bravely Default piano arrangements to the sheet music section. 13 more words


Boss battles: Asylum Demon

Gaming has evolved over the years, with trends and fads coming and going. But whether it’s a side scrolling shooter, epic platform adventure, mammoth RPG or driving challenge there has forever been one constant: the Boss Battle. 837 more words


Current Media: April 2014 Edition


Dark Souls 2 - Dark Souls 2 is the game I kind of wish Dark Souls 1 had been. The series remains hard in a completely fair way, but the second game does a better job of introducing the controls and mechanics for newer players, and the difficulty curve doesn’t hit the stratosphere as quickly after the starting area. 404 more words


Dark Souls Diaries - Day 18

When I was young and still spent most of my time playing outdoors, running around with the other kids until it was finally impossible to ignore parents and hunger and the need to go home, I was often struck by the frog-in-a-pan subtlety of darkness. 5,944 more words

Dark Souls

'Dark Souls II' To Get PC Port

By Antonio Iannetta

“Dark Souls II,” lauded as one of the most difficult games in modern gaming, is scheduled to get a port on the PC April 25. 546 more words


Dark Souls II

Having recently completed Dark Souls II with my wife, my feelings on the game are mainly positive with undercurrents of doubt.  Dark Souls II has all the flavor of a Dark Souls, but I can’t shake the feeling that there’s been a bit of the experience from the firsts game that’s missing from the sequel.   611 more words