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My take on Dark Souls II DLC (spoilers)

The Souls series has always been about overcoming challenges. The sequel to Dark Souls received mixed review among fans. Some found the content too easy and the level design somewhat flat. 436 more words

Crown Of The Sunken King

Dark Souls "Hollowing" Interpretation

Dark Souls was made to be a game of speculation and lore, so I’m going to introduce one of my latest theories about Lordran’s undead curse. 481 more words


Lords of the Fallen Pre-Order

Square-Enix has recently announced what the pre-order bonus content will be for Lords of the Fallen, as well as release information about the “Day One Edition” for… 224 more words


Let's Play Dark Souls II - Rage Quit!

After hearing about how great the Dark Souls series is, I decided to try my hand at it.  However, I quickly learned that it really isn’t my cup of tea!   44 more words


Dark Souls 2: Crown of the Sunken King Review

The original Dark Souls is probably my favorite game of the last generation. It challenged me in ways a game hadn’t since my childhood, and offered a fresh take on modern RPGs. 521 more words


Why Bloodborne Got a Non-Souls Fan Excited

Demon’s Souls was a sleeper hit. Dark Souls took the world by storm. Dark Souls 2 seemingly landed with much less fanfare, at least from a non-fan’s perspective, and now I understand why: … 485 more words

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