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whirlwind pt 2

I try to tell him about how mean he was, and how the worst thing was the feeling that he didn’t know how difficult I was finding it. 637 more words

Person:the Lover

whirlwind pt 1

I want to submit to him no more than a house submits to a tornado.

Disconnection has been creeping in. I’ve been crying all the time, we can’t seem to talk to each other or reach each other. 570 more words

Person:the Lover

Fragments from a weekend

Incapable of feeding ourselves on Friday night: good at rape, shambolic as human beings. After a number of failed attempts at dinner, we eventually stumble to a Chinese takeaway at 11pm; kissing outside by the bike racks, we wait to receive possibly the worst chow mein I’ve ever tasted. 1,240 more words

Person:the Lover

Some girl in the basement shit

Sometimes when I look back at 24 hours together it’s hard to believe all the screwed up things we’ve fitted in.

We’re doing admin thingsĀ and I run into problems and I’m useless. 521 more words

Person:the Lover

"I want you to call me Daddy."

I can’t say it hasn’t crossed my mind before – it has, though only once, and recently, on Monday night; he was beating me in my kitchen, standing over me in tank top and jeans with his belt raised. 244 more words

Person:the Lover

Something I can't do again

Hi Sweetheart. I have a client 4.30-5.30. I want to come and rape you afterwards then leave straight after. Expect a gentleman caller around 5.45. x…

580 more words
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Fragments from the first half of a 20 hour first date

contains discussion of heavy consent play/rape play, informal and ambiguous negotiation (in keeping with our general dynamic) and other RACK-type things

It wasn’t really our first date of course. 1,080 more words

Person:the Lover