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Rwanda, remembrance and some thoughts on 'dark tourism'

This month marks the 20-year anniversary of the beginning of the Rwandan genocide. I was honoured to be invited to a remembrance event at the House of Lords in March, after which I wrote… 829 more words

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What is 'Dark Tourism'

A new page has been created called “What is ‘Dark Tourism’” and can be accessed here. This excerpt was taken from an assignment I had to write as part of my course, this assignment was well received and achieved a first, so I feel it is suitable to share with anybody who has an interest in Thanotourism or anyone who just wants to know a little bit about this so called ‘Dark Tourism’ trend.

Dark Tourism

‘dark tourism’

twisted trees gnarl
in areas of ugly sound
raised to disrespect
our longing for elsewhere

for daily, my path has split
from the old giant asleep… 50 more words


Dark tourism attractions - why do we visit them?

Dark Tourism is tourism involving travel to sites associated with death and tragedy.

I find dark tourism very interesting and a fascinating subject. Why do people want to travel to places where horrible things have happened? 598 more words


The strange world of war tourism

Fancy a trip to Iraq? How about the Democratic Republic of Congo? Of course not, it’s too dangerous, right? Well that’s exactly what makes the world of war tourism… 803 more words