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is black.

it weeps
shadows to
dying stars.

and she,
burnt through
blueshift glass,
wilts away
from vertigo
of tabooed
slow shines.

the air… 13 more words


Moon at 3AM

The moon peered

In the distance & 

Shed blue tears
At 3am
Dressed bed
in darkness with white
Nocturnal bliss
Oh why so
Dark & full of
light heavenly tilted head

Dark Tourist

A disturbed and troubled mans fascination with serial killers leads him on a horrific and menacing journey through his obsessive and twisted mind as he retraces their footsteps.

Life shouldn't be this hard.....

Life shouldn’t be this hard…

I’m not asking for a life of leisure, an eternity on easy street, just for a little less struggle. I’m so damn tired of fighting and fighting just to never move forward. 178 more words


Haiku #33

night rain:
suddenly the apple buds

Dark Blossom with Iris

Dark blossom, Dark Blossom
unfolding your petals once again
are you reaching for sun?
are you waiting for the rain?
are you leaning for love? 49 more words