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I watched you walk away
I had nothing left to say
You couldn’t see it in my eyes
Which one of us is blind? 40 more words

Field Of Thorns

Colors, colors, colors!

Colors. Unlike dogs, we can see more than black and white. Unlike cats, we can see more vivid shades. Unlike hummingbirds, we don’t have ultraviolet vision, but, hey, it’s all good! 665 more words



all the thousands wake me, sun to sky, morning.

bare foot, free, i shed night’s shadows. day sings inside my head, ‘birthday, birthday, birthday.’

there will be cake. 358 more words


Bangladesh river scene: Some people crossing river

Some people are crossing river with boat, There is also a bicycle with them.

CC image courtesy of John Pavelka in flickr (3124)

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Unextinguised Love

Gasoline flow’s the street,

As animosity and I stomp aimlessly.

I wanted you to understand,

But my words went out your ears.

Where are you going? 147 more words



Suddenly in the dark
I wake up in a shock
Is someone trying to hack
My memory piled in a stack?
Who is that jack? 19 more words


Why Stygian?

I first came across the term stygian in Diablo 2. They were the alternative names for succubi. http://diablo.wikia.com/wiki/Stygian_Fury I looked up stygian in the dictionary: It means ‘of the River Styx’ or ‘very dark.’  117 more words