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Final Fantasy tifa lockhart dark costume

During the Final Fantasy Advent Children Movie, Tifa was shown as one of the main characters, and emotional support for Cloud. She is an expert in Zangan-Ryu Martial Arts, using her hands and feet as her weapons. 34 more words


Past Conceptions

(Clearing throat)

Certain days…it becomes clear

Long time, once ago

Everything that I knew–

I mean I didn’t know

Our spiritual connection was much together… 128 more words

A Psalm Of Life

A nap dream

I look in the mirror and see a tired, ugly old woman with smeared makeup on her face.  I look like I’m trying and failing to be pretty. 110 more words


The Heartless

From a dark corner he raised his head; his nostrils flared at the scent of blood. Some of it was his. He enjoyed pain. It reminded him of two things: one, that he was still alive, and two, the meaning of life. 322 more words



S is for…Scythe

At the twilight

Under a magical guise

Carrying her enchanted scythe

She moved stealthily throughout the night

Tracking down the corrupted and served destruction… 72 more words

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