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Among the Stars

I’m shoulder to shoulder with murderers and pedophiles knee-deep in pig guts. I stuff another heaping handful of intestines into the sack tied to my waist wondering when they’ll open the doors so I can finally take a shit or if I’ll have to do that business right here and now. 781 more words


Truth be told

“The scars that were there, only deepened. Wounds that closed only opened. Pain that faded only resided. I was no more.”
~a.n. mous

From the days called the dead period,

at the bridge

at the bridge

You can see both side

Light and dark

What would you choose

but, they have a beautiful in different way

light never came without dark… 29 more words


Insomniac Self Reflections and Contemplations

The sheets felt like sandpaper as they scratched against my legs and clung onto my feet. The moon seeped through the panes of my window and drew attention to the shadows that danced on my wall. 1,783 more words


Vidja Games - A Monologue

#7 – September 1
A Monologue


I used to play this video game when I was a kid. We couldn’t afford games for our ancient console… we probably couldn’t afford the one we had. 960 more words