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 ~ Time to get your motor going. We all have some type of holiday plans, and yes …….the “holidays,” (however you define them).   307 more words


A Puzzle of Space and Time and Play Me

Pieces of a Puzzle: a mild obsession with the song “Play Me” of Neil Diamond, #stilldark, a very strong emotional connection to some friends in Los Angeles (one particular , but thats another story ..) a remark of a teenage friend he could predict the sun would come up tomorrow and my instant resistance to it , wanting to state something like , do you have a clue how much work that is ? 640 more words

Everything has it’s own time. Dark turns to light and vice verso.


Julie's thoughts on FALLEN SON, DARKEST NIGHT by Melissa Petreshock

TODAY’S BREW: Tea. Oh stop it, I can have tea sometimes.

By Julie

When someone can give me writing reminiscent of Anne Rice (when Anne Rice was Anne Rice and not “oh, her again), this is a major accomplishment. 465 more words