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Labyrinths and Locked Doors: Poem 12

I just want someone
to give me a hug
and wipe away my tears.
I swear that everyday
I would do the same
for them. 13 more words


Lovely evening, so my friend decided to come out to talk.
So we talk, she says with a sly smile “I’m broken”.
All I can muster is, how broken? 160 more words

Fear Is Becoming My Friend

It has been many moons since I last wrote. Ronan got his first haircut this past week as the sun shone on with the rise of spring. 467 more words

Poem 261 - Nevermore Ocean

And I sit beneath the ocean swells of Nevermore’s pitch-black seas
As, far above, the sunlight beams pierce the water,
Seagulls silhouetted, their shadows on the crests… 114 more words



I’m enjoying a little space this early evening mulling over preaching during the services of the next few days.  I’m thinking quite a bit about night, darkness, love, justice.   362 more words

Fair enough?

How fair is fair enough? Should fairness product ads be banned?


Skin colour is not something we can choose, it is set by nature according to which part of the world you are from  797 more words



There seems to be nothing,
nothing these days to write,
nothing much to inspire me,
no darkness and no light.

No muse,
to seduce this pen to bleed, 109 more words