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“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” – Martin Luther King


"Blood and Moths."

Oh what wretched pleasure in this agony!
So delicious the sting of tear to cheek, a face scrubbed raw with weeping.
Let me eat up my own heartbeat, let its pain feed my scream; it throbs like a wound freshly torn, if I put my fingers inside perhaps I will find myself. 202 more words


…and what can God’s love heal? Everything and anything!

God’s light can reach into corners of this world where there has only ever been darkness. To reach those corners of the world, God needs us to spread His message. 7 more words


Artifacts #39: My First Published Work is Here!


Take a trip back to the early days of man and meet the first Darkness!

In the beginning, man was simple. Yet even then, mankind understood love and loss. 41 more words


Free fall downwards,
Bones crushed on impact.
Your mind is obliterated and
All you see is black.
You feel nothing.
Pure absence takes over.
Eyes are drawn skyward and you feel your will being pulled from your soul. 22 more words


Facebook chat turned poetry jam about life

Seeing my love for song-writing, he spontaneously suggested we write a song together. I won’t say this is a song, but i love how the facebook-chat-turned-poetry-jam unravelled. 278 more words


The deceitful heart

Oh the heart of a man
How deceitful it can be
Secrets, plots and lusts
Are welcomed with open arms
For it’s only natural
For a man to want… 116 more words