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Paper Negative Positives

The prints below were made by passing light through paper negatives. During the development of the print I have added higher concentrations of developer. It was then allowed to diffuse slowly throughout the surface of the image, before removing the print prematurely (before all the image is evenly developed). 67 more words


bite of Brussels

Brussels. Few days of work and few hours of fun- that’s the summary of my time in Belgium’s capital.

I have lost my digital pictures due to burglary of my home but now I have found forgotten film captures! 388 more words


I'm missing Paris

I was looking through my old film pictures, found that shot of Concorde and instantly felt melancholic.

A trip to Paris need to be scheduled soon…


How We See

My chicks are a month old now and a far cry from the cute, fuzzy little creatures they were in the first week.  The day after I arrived daughter Amanda spent some time in the room with the chicks and I took this photograph of her hands holding one of them.   552 more words


Annie Spencer-Smith - Rising Creative

No photoshop, strictly darkroom

“I love b & w, it doesn’t have the complications of colour. It’s more about texture, line, shape, tone, form and obviously the grain.’ … 471 more words


The Camera Never Lies

It is often said that the camera never lies, and yet the truth is that in every photograph ever taken, you only see what the photographer wants you to see. 524 more words