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Meet Reilly The Cat

Meet Reilly, the newest addition to the Fearless Kitty Pride!

Photo taken by Ken Ranous, processed in Darktable for Linux.


Raw Processors: Which Demosaicing Method? (Part 2)

Further Thoughts on Demosaicing Methods in Free Open Source Raw Processors

I suggested in Part 1 that I would also compare the performance of different demosaicing methods on noisy images. 268 more words


Cactus WiFi

The ultimate WiFi antenna! Well, cell phone tower disguised as a cactus to be exact …

This image was taken by Ken Ranous using a Sony WSC1 and processed using Darktable 1.4, the best image manager editor for Linux.



Kontrastspielereien mit Material aus dem Archiv, bearbeitet in Darktable:

Gruß und schnelle Spiegel


ohne Titel

Seine Lordschaft in Limburg. Löblich: Man sah nichts Karnevalistisches…;)

Bearbeitet mit Darktable

Gruß und schnelle Spiegel