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Linux: From Toe Testing To Flat Footing

I had tried Linux once in a while as time went by and I had seen the improvements made over the years. Still, I wasn’t ready to have a system based on it. 373 more words


Arches National Park - Utah

You’d really have to try to not get a good picture in this place. I suppose you could leave the lense cap on, put your thumb in every shot or give your camera swimming lessons in the hotel pool the night before. 326 more words


Colorado River - Moab Utah

First up in these photos is the Dewey Bridge, built in 1916 and destroyed by fire in 2008. The rest were taken from the bicycle bridge near Moab, Utah. 217 more words


Trying Cinematic Look Post Processing

Today I saw an article on Fstoppers about how to create a Cinematic look on your images. To be simple, an image will be called cinematic-ish if we look the image as if it was taken from a snapshot of a movie (like when you were watching Captain America and .. 143 more words


Grand Mesa National Forest - Colorado

I searched for Nirvana using online mapping software and it didn’t find this place. I don’t know how they could have missed this one, Grand Mesa is the largest flat top mountain in the world. 291 more words


Fly! Fly to The Sky and Burn

From Wikipedia

A sky lantern, also known as Kongming lantern or Chinese lantern, is a small hot air balloon made of paper, with an opening at the bottom where a small fire is suspended.