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The art of visible mending

Visible mending seems to have gained popularity in recent times…which is great!

I love the thought of recycling textiles, I have always enjoyed repairing garments with a needle and thread. 99 more words


July's repair café

Our July repair café seems so long ago now as we had a break in August.

We are now looking forward to our next event as we are holding a MENDATHON in collaboration with… 82 more words


A Visit to the Fries Museum – Part the Third and Conclusion

A few weeks ago I visited the Fries Museum archives, and their textile conservator Gieneke Arnolli shared with me many beautiful textiles related to mending and repairing. 1,183 more words


...and yet more press coverage of my touring Visible Mending Exhibition

Thanks to the Stornoway Gazette for this editorial of the Visible Mending Exhibition tour to Isle of Lewis and to local artist Sofi-Ona Hamer for organising the venues.

A Visit to the Fries Museum – Part the Second

Today I would like to share some more from my visit to the Fries Museum. This was the first time I got to see darning samplers in real life; after reading about them, and seeing pictures of them on the internet and in books, it was a very exciting day for me! 1,156 more words

The Visible Mending Programme

Mindful Mending

“True economy consists in always making the income exceed the out-go. Wear the old clothes a little longer if necessary; dispense with the new pair of gloves; mend the old dress: live on plainer food if need be; so that, under all circumstances, unless some unforeseen accident occurs, there will be a margin in favor of the income.” 189 more words


Easy Peasy Repair Kit - Sugru

I love mending things. Delight in darning. Making a stitch in time … it does save time. Mending a really loved well worn jumper, or jacket. 575 more words