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DARPA awards Boeing contract for 'Phantom Swift' VTOL X-Plane

Boeing has been awarded a USD9.4 million contract modification to continue refining its design of the experimental vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) Phantom Swift X-Plane. According to DoD, Boeing will continue to refine their design of the experimental aircraft, bringing it to a preliminary design review level. 64 more words

Military Aviation

Forget Killer Robots, It’s the Rise of the Cyborgs

There’s an old curse which says ‘may you live in interesting times’. 

Cursed we are then, for living in very interesting times, especially in the innovative fields of robotics, neuroscience, and biomedical technologies. 1,103 more words

You Name It

The Devils Also Believe and Tremble

The Devils Also Believe and Tremble
The story of a returned host by satanists and a related story of demonic possession and demonic presence at a solemn high Mass. 37 more words


US Hypersonic Weapon Explodes Following Launch

A test launch of a major new, yet secretive, US weapons system has ended in failure. That is it ended in failure once again. So far the US military has had trouble achieving hypersonic speed in Earth’s atmosphere. 389 more words

American Eagle

De Shangai a San Francisco en 100 minutos bajo el agua

De Shangai a San Francisco en 100 minutos bajo el agua. Ese es el resultado que científicos chinos del Instituto de Tecnología de Harbin han pronosticado con la aplicación de la tecnología llamada supercavitación. 525 more words


'Biobot' Moths Become Cyborgs in Cocoon

It’s like my grandma used to say: “Life is a grand adventure, and there are only three things worth worrying about — your family, your health and cyborg moth spies.” 377 more words