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Secret 5 : Body Language, Cold Reading and Hot Reading

Use of body language in Mind Reading and Mentalism is an open secret. During performance, most magicians claim that they are reading Signals from the eyes… 163 more words

Darren Brown

Secret 4 : Mind manipulation and NLP

Try this :

1. Think about a simple geometrical shape; like a square.

2. And put that shape inside another simple geometrical figure

Done ??? 300 more words

Darren Brown

Secret 3 : Memory Tricks

Mind magic is really nerdy thing.  Many mind magic tricks works around amazing memory ability, even though they may look like psychic powers. Darren Brown have pulled off amazing magic tricks purely based on his excellent memory capacity. 182 more words

Darren Brown

Secret 2 : Psychology and Human Behaviour

The Mentalists or Mind magicians have excellent knowledge in psychology and human behavior. Most of their magic tricks are designed on that base.  Our subconscious mind process massive amount of data, which we are rarely aware of. 42 more words

Darren Brown

Secret 1 - Hypnosis and Power of Suggestion

Hypnosis is the  most fascinating part in Mind Magic. Here the magician walks to some random guy (or girl) and put him into trance and make him forget his own name, or the name of his spouse. 196 more words

Darren Brown

Secrets of Mind Reading

The following mind trick became famous in recent times through social media. Try it if you haven’t seen it yet:

Promise u .. u will laugh when you find your role model ! 221 more words

Darren Brown

Things we do for luck

Today(5 Nov 2014) we welcomed a new member Mr Kenneth Dewar and a guest Mr John Leadbeater. In total 43 members/guests attended today’s meeting. Our Chairman reminded everyone that there will be a Memorial Service outside Kirklands just before 11:00am next Tuesday 11th November. 378 more words