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Isaiah Thomas: ‘I felt very disrespected’ by Kings

I’m not keen on typecasting players by position, but let’s say you insist on having a passing point guard. Would you rather have:

Phoenix Suns

Isaiah Thomas says he felt wanted in Phoenix, that’s why he signed there

Isaiah Thomas needed to feel wanted.

That’s why this week he returned to the area he was born and played his college ball, where he is still a beloved star — Washington — and while there… 255 more words

Phoenix Suns

Free Agency Extravaganza

I wrote did an NBA Draft recap a couple weeks ago to kick off what I thought was going to be a pretty uneventful summer. This was before LeBron James took the entire league hostage for 11 days to make a smart, heart-breaking/glorious (depending on your allegiances) decision to return home.* While he didn’t directly affect every offseason move, he essentially put every team in a holding pattern. 2,957 more words


Fake Trades!

It’s that time of year. Free agency has died down now that we’re really just waiting on Greg Monroe and Eric Bledsoe to sign their qualifying offers and hit free agency for real next year. 950 more words


(Little) Man Down

I awoke from my birthday slumber, eager to attack a day I claimed for my own some 19 years ago.

I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and tried to force some sort of moisture into my dry morning mouth, visions of glorious birthday plans dancing through the sunrise grogginess (Okay, okay, it was like 10 am). 800 more words

Rudy Gay says he wants to see how Kings develop, then will consider re-signing

How the Sacramento Kings have handled their off-season — especially letting Isaiah Thomas go to Phoenix at a reasonable salary and replacing him with the lesser Darren Collison — has confused people around the league. 401 more words

Phoenix Suns

Clippers Introduce Jordan Farmar, Spencer Hawes

 LOS ANGELES (AP) — Staying home was important to Jordan Farmar, so he moved from the Lakers to the Clippers as the backup to Chris Paul. 495 more words