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This Morning the NFL says it couldn't get the tape that TMZ obtained from New Jersey State Police

I guess $10 billion in revenue doesn’t go as far as I thought it would.

Via Darren Rovell’s twitter this morning:

New NFL statement responding to TMZ report that league didn’t ask casino for Rice tape…

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College Football Is Losing Its Fans

By Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard

With the 2014 College Football season knocking at the door one sad fact is creeping around the chicken coop, students are not going to the games. 265 more words


Darren Rovell: Heartless monster who has no sympathy for Paul George's injury

The Pacers are covered for Paul George's injury. If he misses a full season, they would get back $6.3M of the $15.8M they pay him.

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Darren Rovell Teases "Big Cowboys Story," Fails to Deliver on the Hype

Darren Rovell lives in a cool world. In that world, tickets are a big story. On Twitter this morning, he teased a big story on the Cowboys. 311 more words