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ESPN still can't find anyone who paid Jameis Winston for his autograph

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In what may be the most damning report yet for folks who want to see Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston out of college football forever, ESPN reporter Darren Rovell published an article Tuesday morning to reveal his findings on the well-publicized autograph controversy surrounding the redshirt sophomore. 407 more words


Does The Giancarlo Stanton Contract Make You Want To Kill Yourself? Me To.

$68,449: Amount Giancarlo Stanton will be paid EACH DAY for 13 YEARS.

— darren rovell (@darrenrovell) November 17, 2014

And if you didn’t feel like a gigantic piece of shit before, seeing this has to ruin your day.

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The King Comes Home

Lebron James returned to Cleveland Thursday in what was the most anticipated event to open the NBA Season, and sure enough the Cavaliers and James’s sponsors made it into just that, an event. 445 more words

Here Is State Farm's Response To The NFL's Discount Double Check Injury Epidemic

State Farm’s Discount Double Check has caused two serious injuries in the NFL this season, both in the NFC North. First, it was Lions LB Stephen Tulloch, … 144 more words


New Adidas Originals: PUKE CITY

Adidas shoe from @ITSJEREMYSCOTT dropping this week pic.twitter.com/vSqYT0hu5b (via @KatjaSchreiber)

— darren rovell (@darrenrovell) October 29, 2014

Our boy Darren Rovell just T Bombed this out to the masses and what else can you say besides PUKE CITY.

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MJ Being MJ

Majority owner of the Charlotte Hornets Michael Jordan took over the team’s official twitter account @hornets today, and lets just say MJ’s competitiveness hasn’t wavered one bit. 177 more words


#gamergate + Two Terrible Reporters + Ill-informed Anger= Sports!: This is Your Sports

This is my last weekly roundup article before I start writing daily, so forgive my brevity. It’s for a good cause: a blog written by a white guy talking about issues that hardly affect him in any way. 430 more words