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Adam Silver Says He Could Envision the NBA Subsidizing NCAA Players

Adam Silver is on record as wanting to raise the age limit for entering the NBA Draft. One of the consequences of this is that would impel basketball players to stay an extra year in school where they are playing for a scholarship, but not money.  294 more words


Darren Rovell Is Still The Worst, Is Now Narc-ing On College Kids Who Crack Jokes About Him On Twitter

It’s been a while since we checked in on soulless corporate whore/self-proclaimed Twitter cop Darren Rovell. Truth is, he’s such a repugnant sh*t-stain that we stopped following him a long time ago and tend to go to great lengths to avoid having awareness of his existence soil our time on Earth. 123 more words

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Darren Rovell Forwards Student's Response to Parody Twitter Account to University

The parody Twitter account PFTCommenter can be extremely vulgar, but anybody who reads it carefully enough can discern that its writer actually holds the opposite opinion to most of what he is satirizing. 127 more words

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WWE Announces Number of Network Subscribers

Today is the day that the WWE has decided to announce the number of current subscribers to the WWE Network.


Richard Deitsch, Sports Illustrated media reporter

Richard Deitsch is one of the preeminent media reporters in the country, and he’s actually one of my most important follows on Twitter. His Monday column for SI.com is a must-read, both for the news he reports and for the standout stories he aggregates from the week before. 157 more words


Photos: Is this the future of tailgating?

Americans love their food and drink. Americans love football. So why not convert some shipping containers and make this a reality?

Repurposing shipping containers to create VIP tailgating.

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The Real Odd Couple (of the NBA)

Phil Jackson and President of the Los Angeles Lakers Jeanie Buss have been dating since December 1999; the couple have Playa del Rey, Los Angeles and they are now engaged.   419 more words