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This Is The Force Awakens Trailer

That’s right.  A trailer.

So I’ve watched this thing enough times to qualify as unhealthy.  To say I am excited for or looking forward to next year would be on the scale of equating Warren Buffett to some dude on the side of the road asking for change.   564 more words


Holy Sith!

Man, Sideshow Collectibles makes one wicked Darth Maul! Check out this 101,6cm 40″ H “Legendary Scale (TM) Figure” Reference: Sideshow Collectibles Website


Dueling Lightsaber Designs

That new lightsaber looks really cool! There has been some controversy over the new design, and BFG wants to get its two cents in too. But why stop there? 341 more words


Awesome Cosplay of the Day: 12/3/14

I was just going to do one day of Star Wars cosplay, but then I found this Darth Maul from San Diego Comic Con 2012 and said, “No, no, I need to post this.” So here you go.


The 31 Days of Blogging: The Force Awakens

It’s December, so you know what that means at The Cutter Rambles!

Wait…you don’t? Oh, okay.

I guess most of you aren’t truly dedicated fans of The Cutter Rambles. 703 more words

31 Days Of Blogging