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Sounds deep doesn’t it?

This post I am required to read another blog post on a related topic and comment.

So what to do, what to read, so much out there? 327 more words

Darth Vader

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Royston our starwarsforce Editor who’s a mere 42 today! yaaaaaay! May the party begin!

Star Wars

Sleeping with Darth Vader

I’ve been sleeping with Darth Vader for a number of years.  It’s not nearly as erotic as it sounds.  I mean there’s no Force grip or Force push or anything like that.  408 more words

Bring Darth Vader home and join the dark side.

Today Gentle Giant Studios showed off a new Star Wars release arriving in our galaxy early next year. You’re not reading the scale wrong, it really is almost 7 FEET TALL. 112 more words


Pikachu Vs Vader

A great little piece of artwork this! Hmmm I wonder who would win … well vader does have that force choke thing …