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Dartmouth Cracks Down on Partying with Hard Liquor Ban

Late last night Philip Hanlon, president of Dartmouth College, announced plans to reform social life at the Ivy League school by banning hard liquor on campus and introducing a mandatory four-year sexual violence prevention and education program for students. 198 more words


Dartmouth College Places Ban on Hard Alcohol

Dartmouth College is banning hard alcohol from its campus and putting its notoriously rowdy fraternities on notice that they need to reform or disband, in the latest move by an elite school to crack down on a party culture that has been closely tied to sexual assault. 669 more words


Meet the Team

Rachel Obbard: the Bold

Principal Investigator

Ever since her childhood catching salamanders in the creek and building tree houses, Rachel has known she was a scientist and engineer. 1,187 more words

Obama the Messiah

“Readers were disappointed to learn that a boy who once claimed to have died and visited heaven recanted his story,” Jodi Miller reports. “Meanwhile the man who promised us heaven is still sticking with his story.” Miller also gives us the goods of President Obama’s military approval, political polls, the IRS, Dartmouth College and the administrations ISIS strategy in this edition of NewsBusted.

Lite And Right

Testimony in Nova Scotia Mile High Club case gets explicit

HALIFAX — A flight attendant told the trial of a woman accused of committing an indecent act on a Toronto-to-Halifax flight that she and a man used a coat to cover their laps to fondle each other. 569 more words


Much improved Maple Leafs 7s goes 2-1 in Vina del Mar

A week ago, there were many questions for Canada’s young Maple Leafs 7s squad.

A week later, the questions are different.

Following a shockingly poor 0-6 performance at the Mar del Plata 7s in Argentina last week, Rugby Canada’s men’s development squad turned things around this week at the Viña del Mar 7s in Chile. 384 more words


Throwing Paint at Snow

This past Saturday I threw water balloons full of paint at snow… and filmed it. There was also some straight up paint slinging involved. Spinning in circles with a bottle of paint. 129 more words