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Extended entry date to win a ride in a big red fire truck

Good news kids, there is an extended entry date to enter the ‘Win a ride in a big red fire truck” competition.

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In Permanence and Change, Burke distinguishes two different types of meaning-making. The context is when Darwin came on the scene, and Burke explains how poets as opposed to scientists reacted to evolution’s gaining popularity: “Poets, whose logic is rooted in experience, were now faced with a contrary logic wholly the product of rational speculation, and their bewilderment was considerable” (73). 

dEus X Evolução!!!

Ainda que já tenham aparecido idéias de multiplos começos, de multiplas origens da vida na terra esse video dá uma boa idéia da evolução.
Com algumas explicações que poderiam ser um pouco mais complexas. 59 more words

Isn't evolution JUST a theory?

“Isn’t evolution JUST a theory, anyway?”

This confusion is a prominent one. It stems from the multiple definitions of the word “theory.” In colloquial language, the word “theory” means an idea or a guess; but in science, a theory is a well-established, well-supported explanation of a collection of observations. 640 more words

A Darwinian Perspective

Darwin and Beauty Perception

Interesting TED talk on how and why we perceive certain things as beautiful.


“The Darwinian insight can be turned upside down and grotesquely misused: Voracious robber barons may explain their cutthroat practices by an appeal to Social Darwinism; Nazis and other racists may call on “survival of the fittest” to justify genocide.

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Carl Sagan

Family tree - literally

Researching family history is very popular these days. With a bit of luck you might be able to go back a few generations and maybe find out who your four times great grandparents were and what they did. 405 more words