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F2 Freelance Photographer Interview

Commercial photographer Tim Wallace speaks with F2 Freelance Magazine about his recent experience shooting a personal project in Death Valley USA that went in a few short months from ‘personal work’ to a major exhibition in the UK


RESPONDblogs: The number of Biological Lego bricks isn’t random - it matters

Evolutionary Biologists often criticize the Scientists who propose that Intelligent Design (ID) – rather than the blind uncaring + random laws of physics – caused life on Planet Earth. 820 more words


A Theory of Evolution Reframed as an Economic Model, Part 1: Currency, Gains, and Losses

If evolution were economics, then a system of wins and losses would govern an overarching model to explain it. Individuals would be thought to consciously or unconsciously act in their own best interest, while the market overall eliminated the results of poor decisions and rewarded the results of good ones.  1,519 more words


On "Designated Area Migration Agreements": Wages and low-skilled migrants

(Disclosure: I worked on this program in 2011 and 2012 when I was at the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. I also exchanged emails with David Crowe yesterday about his article.) 1,468 more words


Random Bus Stop Meeting

After a few days of sweating in Darwin, it was time to fly to Bali, Indonesia. I was definitely nervous to leave Australia because it had come to feel like home. 439 more words


Adventures in Time and Space

Matthew Boulton was a founding member of the Lunar Society. The group were made up of 14 members who would meet once a month during a full moon. 783 more words

El viaje de Darwin en el Beagle

Si ya asististe a la magnífica exposición “Darwin, Apto para todas las Especies” en el Museo de San Ildefonso, ahora te invitamos al cuenta-cuentos El viaje de Darwin en el Beagle, … 117 more words