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Best day everrrr

So I found out yesterday I won a trip to the outback!!!


We’ll be taking The Ghan from Adelaide to Darwin, and stopping off in Alice Springs for a 3 day tour, then heading up to Darwin for another 3 day tour!!! 21 more words


Some more glorious NT music

I’ve been taking photos at gigs and events around the NT this year thanks to my role at MusicNT and also just out of a love of the Territory music scene. 48 more words


Where Will Barney Fit In?

The Los Angeles Dodgers on Monday acquired 2013 GIBBY’s Defensive Player Of The Year Darwin Barney from the Cubs.

Barney is one of the best defensive players in the big leagues but what does that mean when he cant get a game because his prime was around 2012 when he managed to hit .256 for the year. 322 more words


99 Problems but a Finch Ain't One

If you read my first post and thought that this would be an entirely cerebral, Sam Harris-esque blog of polemics and boredom… Here’s a rap about Darwin.  517 more words


ANDROCENTRISM AUGURS APOCALYPSE "...the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse on steroids." by Perry Mann


“Mother Earth is a nurturing home of all life and should be revered and loved as in premodern (Paleolithic and archaic) societies. Ecosystematic malaise and abuse is rooted in androcentric concepts, values, and institutions. 1,052 more words

A Recently Discovered Account of a Certain Species

The following brief account will, by choice of my own, take place in 1872. Forgive me for my writing skills, for I am not, by any means, a writer. 513 more words

Short Stories

Neil and His Freedom of Thought

For Neil deGrasse Tyson

Neil thinks man is wholly free.
“Freedom of thought” is his decree.
Freedom for you, freedom from me,
Blindfolded students free to see. 145 more words