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Literary Odds and Ends: Aunts, Workshops, Feuds

Blogs are like Aunt Matildas—that pesky relative who won’t stop nagging you about your eternal singleness and has an overpowering scent of musky perfume, mothballs, and peppermints. 757 more words


Those were days of highs and lows. I felt like I was living the hell inside of the paradise. The paradise was real, and I could see it, touch it, feel it. 348 more words



Beauty is very often associated with peace, comfort and harmony. This is more a reflex of our wishes and expectations than a translation of the reality, though. 174 more words


Image Products & Product Images

Image Products & Product Images‘ is a continuous archival project and as such is an essential working tool of a wider ranging art project: ‘ 599 more words


Tax - What is it good for?

1. Universal Healthcare 

For most Australians, the notion that universal health care does not exist in other countries is difficult to understand. Australian tax money was invested in Medicare just 31 years ago and has become hugely important to our society and way of life. 141 more words


Concert review: Missy Higgins far from being out of the spotlight

A ukulele ditty of Slim Dusty’s The Biggest Disappointment started off an intimate night in what would be normally viewed as an unintimate venue. But the Darwin Convention Centre stage held up for Missy Higgins, the songstress happy with her ‘sidies’ crowd and doing her best to please. 228 more words


LGBT Group Protests Evolution

MUDCAT FALLS — A local alternative lifestyle advocacy group, Cranky LesGaBiTransians for Accommodation in Public, staged a demonstration in front of Calabash-Hoover High School today to protest the teaching of the Theory of Evolution. 281 more words

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