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Norman Reedus & his stand-in/double, Kirk Riley.

Norman Reedus

Beth is the key to Daryl

When, in Season 4, Beth and Daryl were ‘on the road’ they changed each other.  Beth’s openness and sense that there were still good people in the world worked on Daryl who had sunk into a guilty, oppressive mind-set. 609 more words


Norman looks like he’s ready to be naughty…

Skatz: This is the night he told you that you reminded him of his sister, wink-wink!

Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

Old relationship goal: Leslie and Ben.

New relationship goal: Jim and Pam.

(but I would accept either or. I’m not picky. ;) ) 507 more words

TV Shows

Even Badasses get the Flu

My badass Daryl turns out not so badass when hit with an epic flu that pummeled us this week. I’m not sure where Daryl went but I was left caring for what can only be described as a whining Aziz Ansari. 7 more words

Daryl Dixon

Norman’s so sexy it hurts.

Skatz: When you suggested playing dress up and taking photos, you didn’t think you had to explain he should pick clothes out of his own closet. 64 more words

TV Review: The Walking Dead S05E06 "Consumed"

Consumed (2014)
Director: Seith Mann
44 min/TV-14
****½ (out of 5)

Another week and another rock solid episode of “The Walking Dead,” it’s becoming almost boring reviewing the show because of how much fun I have had with this season so far. 693 more words

The Walking Dead