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I think I must really be missing The Walking Dead. I swear one of the patients up here sounds exactly like a walker. :) I might need Rick and Daryl up here before morning.

Random Bits From My Life

10 things in my apartment that could prove useful in a Zombie Apocalypse

Zombies are very popular right now. The Walking Dead is one of TV’s hottest shows and I must admit, I even tried to help my WD withdrawal with a bit of Z-Nation. 1,453 more words


Do cupcakes always Norman look so angry?

Skatz: No, he’s just uncomfortable. He’s got another one shoved up his ass. He hid it there to save for later. The sprinkles itch.

Norman has so many different looks!

Skatz: And yet while entirely different, they are still all hideous. Was this his “Ken doll” phase?

Ooh… hello, Mr. Sassy Pants!

Skatz: Shit, where do I even begin…

1.What’s with the lady-cut blazer, nipped in at the waist to emphasize his moobs?

2.It’s 2015- who wears a jean shirt buttoned up to the collar with a sweater vest? 61 more words

Woah! Norman’s got a lot going on in this photo.

Skatz: The giant rubber dick is the least offensive thing in this photo.

The Walking Dead Sneak Peek

I love AMC’s The Walking Dead. The hospital that I work at does self-scheduling and I’m loving that. I try to get the Sunday nights off because I MUST watch The Walking Dead. 141 more words

Random Bits From My Life