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Guys, we're basically famous.

Frumpy Sisters  <3 Zombie Hunting Brothers!

#TBT to M meeting Michael Rooker.  Flash forward to this morning when E met Norman Reedus.

Norman likes to save animals- he found this one on the side of the road.

Skatz: He actually picked this up for his girlfriend (who is obviously blind and has no sense of smell, or she wouldn’t be with him). She told him she wanted a snakeskin belt so he presented her with this. 20 more words

It looks like Norman challenged the generator to a duel…

Skatz: Norman took offense to it’s ability to create something useful for the world.

Cycling through the tree tunnels of Savannah

Savannah is SUPER pretty! So much so, that we both agree that it’s probably one of the prettiest places we’ve visited during our entire trip! :) – … 342 more words


Nobody knows...

Daryl is going to kill me for this but…

Totally worth it! What can I say, the man loves his baths. And, fyi, he’s a great shower singer.

Daryl Dixon

Don’t you think the murtle* and leather boots go nicely together?

Skatz:  Why did he take a time machine back to my father’s closet in the 70’s?

Nice Haggar action slacks, Norman.

*turtle neck + mole