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Subhashita - 19.11.2013

मनो मधुकरो मेघो मद्यपो मत्कुणो मरुत्।
मा मदो मर्कटो मत्स्यो मकारा दश चञ्चलाः॥
mano madhukaro megho madyapo matkuṇo marut|
mā mado markaṭo matsyo makārā daśa cañcalāḥ|| 33 more words


Subhashita - 02.10.2012

मनो मधुकरो मेघो मद्यपो मत्कुणो मरुत् |
मा मदो मर्कटो मत्स्यो मकारा दश चंचलाः ||
सन्धि विग्रह
मनः मधुकरः मेघः मद्यपः मत्कुणः मरुत् |
मा मदः मर्कटः मत्स्यः मकाराः दश चंचलाः ||


A Chinchilla's Life - By Dasha

Dasha’s Journal, First Entry:

I have managed to take over the small human’s laptop.  This is my first opportunity to communicate with the humans in a way they might (I hope) comprehend.  506 more words


Subhashita - 20.12.2010

लालयेत् पंच वर्षाणि दश वर्षाणि ताडयेत् ।

प्राप्ते तु षोडशे वर्षे पुत्रे मित्रवदाचरेत ॥

Till the son is five years old, one should pamper him. When he crosses five tilll he becomes ten, one should be spanked. 47 more words


Need Help on the Road to a Digital Workplace?

“Chicago Roads” photo by Dasha

We could all use some help every once in a while, especially when we need to change, but change isn’t easy. 153 more words

Employee Engagement