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Prior to Breeding Rats...

Before we started breeding rats, we had some wonderful girls as pets. We have very few photos of these girls, but here they are.

Octavia: She came to us from a youth detention center where she was bred for snake food… 170 more words


Subhashita - 19.11.2013

मनो मधुकरो मेघो मद्यपो मत्कुणो मरुत्।
मा मदो मर्कटो मत्स्यो मकारा दश चञ्चलाः॥
mano madhukaro megho madyapo matkuṇo marut|
mā mado markaṭo matsyo makārā daśa cañcalāḥ|| 33 more words


Subhashita - 02.10.2012

मनो मधुकरो मेघो मद्यपो मत्कुणो मरुत् |
मा मदो मर्कटो मत्स्यो मकारा दश चंचलाः ||
सन्धि विग्रह
मनः मधुकरः मेघः मद्यपः मत्कुणः मरुत् |
मा मदः मर्कटः मत्स्यः मकाराः दश चंचलाः ||


A Chinchilla's Life - By Dasha

Dasha’s Journal, First Entry:

I have managed to take over the small human’s laptop.  This is my first opportunity to communicate with the humans in a way they might (I hope) comprehend.  506 more words