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Thirteenth week in Singapore

Last week was the last in a series of three consecutive weeks of staying at home in Singapore. My nieces asked themselves if I was already in heaven since they haven’t seen me for so long already. 457 more words

Weekly Updates

March - For Sale #2

Second part offerings this month includes a few new sweaters and T-shirts and also two ooak outfits for the FR2 dolls.

For all details click on the picture and take a look at my sales page.

*hugs* Kathi :)

Frau E.

Lemon Twisted

now that I’ve discovered that what I thought was a lime tree, is actually a lemon tree and I’m doing my personal version of March Madness with martinis, I’ve gathered/taken all the low hanging fruit (not a gay joke)but with the aid of a bent coat hanger….if you see me in town in the evenings, with a bulge in my pocket (back pocket, please)that’s a lemon and I’m off to my favorite tavern with personal lemon twist makings… 430 more words

Living In Antigua

31 things since 31

So, one of my readers slash childhood friends mentioned that she wanted me to to blog about  my birthday adventures. Although my birthday is one day, it tends to go on for a week. 590 more words

Diary Of A Starving Artist

February - For Sale

After last month’s sweater galore I’ve sewed trousers again. :)

The “Silhouette” graphic on the tees is another work by Jutta Frölich.

The “Silhouette” Sets green/brown and magenta/grey are ltd.2. 47 more words

Frau E.