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Things i will do tmrw

I will regret this tmrw
immediately after open my eyes


Quick Fix: Hide users from Essentials 2012 R2 Dashboard

If you have installed Exchange 2013 into your Essentials network, chances are upon loading the dashboard you will see a large amount of new users appear, you may even notice an alert telling you, you have too many users! 193 more words


that's the thing about changing your sleeping posture

it is so excruciating
it awakens every tissue in your muscles and activates your brain,
until you lose your sleep completely
(not literal but dont read2much into it)



i drain down my nails in the toilet in the fear of creating another me that will snatch my life away



enzymes that catabolises and enables my thoughts into words
little gushes through the stones in the step bridges
miles between stars that look tiny from earth… 18 more words


the truth is

i only wanna see you
on the streets
in school
on bed
in bus
on tv
in cafe
(the cashier the driver the teacher)
i only want to see you



AND AN UPDATE FROM ONE OF MY READERS who made me think of something that had not occurred to me, heaven knows why as I have been driving for 35 years! 217 more words

Filofaxes And Organisers