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Data: Advertising's Holy Grail or White Whale?

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The collection, analysis, and usage of customer data has the potential to revolutionize the advertising business. But questions swirling over how to collect that data, use it, and even who “owns” it is stunting the potential of this exciting field. 50 more words


How to avoid the marketing personalization pitfalls

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By Sonpreet Bhatia, ENTREPRENEUR

Imagine a company that addressed single women about their pending nuptials or congratulated women on their first child even though they never have been pregnant. 693 more words


Creativity and Data: Can’t We Just Be Friends?


Marketing automation could be the link between creativity and our dependence on data with its ability to match creative assets to the right channel at the right time. 74 more words


5 Things You Must Explore When Considering Self-service Programmatic Marketing

By: Cortland J. Fondon

Programmatic marketing, has taken online marketing like tsunami hitting the shore. It is wiping out more traditional forms of Internet marketing and accounts for billions of dollars in advertising buys. 520 more words

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Selfie Mining: What’s Really Going On?

By: Cortland J. Fondon

You might think that picture you snapped of yourself in the car while you were waiting for the light to turn green was just for your friends on Facebook or Instagram, but that’s not the case. 545 more words


Dynamic Creative Optimization: What is it?

By: Cortland J. Fondon

Automated advertising involves dynamic creative optimization, which is another form of programmatic advertising. Using real time technology, dynamic creative optimization optimizes ads via display ad technology dependent on multivariate testing. 514 more words

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Fuel for Thought: Waze Users React to Dropping Gas Prices

Drivers in the United States received some very welcome news last week when they heard that gas prices are dropping. CNN Money posted data from  887 more words