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Hibernate JPA DAO

Hibernate JPA DAO

This is an example of how to create Data Access Objects (DAOs), making use of the Hibernate implementation for the Java Persistence API (JPA) specification. 208 more words


Vitam Post Mortem - Analyzing Deadlocked Schedulers Mini Dump from SQL Server

Since SQL Server 7.0, SQL Server has its own scheduling mechanism, In SQL 7.0 and 2000 it was called UMS (User Mode Scheduling) and later was renamed to SOS (SQL OS Scheduler). 1,940 more words

SQL Server

Data Access 1 - Some C++ Libraries

This is a learning exercise on implementing a data access library using C++11. This will be divided into multi-part blog posts as I intend to write it as I go along. 812 more words


Public vs. Private Cloud Computing – The Great Debate Resolved

Today’s cloud-driven IT is in a massive state of transformation – transition from legacy IT infrastructure on-premise to advanced applications delivered via cloud network ‘as-a-Service’ is inevitable. 525 more words


Forecast Cloudy - NoSQL with Azure Table Storage Tutorial

Recently one of my customers started doing a lot more with Azure PaaS, so I started spending a lot more time in Azure as well. Being a data guy in general, one of the most interesting things to me became SQL Azure databases and their scalability via Federations/Sharding approaches , but also Azure PaaS NoSQL data storage and retrieval mechanisms, mainly Azure Table Storage and Blob Storage. 1,933 more words

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