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How To: RCassandra?

Because of the scalability of Cassandra it is widely adopted throughout the globe.

  • This tutorial assumes that you have Cassandra and R installed and configured correctly.
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Unsupervised Learning

Unsupervised learning is the methodĀ of finding hidden pattern or classifications within data on its own. Unlike supervised learning, there are no labels or training data here. 119 more words

Data Analysis

Data Description Types

The most commonly used terms to describe data are Nominal, Ordinal, Interval and Ratio. They have been used very extensively and not only have they been used to describe the data but also to decide the most appropriate statistical test to use. 240 more words

Data Analysis

Supervised Learning

Supervised learning is the method of using a labelled training data to train the algorithm. Training data will have an input part and its label (the output). 141 more words

Data Analysis

Impact of Rain on NYC Subway Ridership - Udacity Course Project

Interactive NYC MTA station map

Map of NYC MTA Station

HeatMap of NYC MTA Stations Traffic on Non-Rainy Days

HeatMap of NYC MTA Stations Traffic on Rainy Days… 1,161 more words


Analysing the Elections

7 PM Saturday night rolled around and we tuned the television into the live election broadcasts. The polls were closed and everyone was expecting a close fought battle between a hopeful Labour party and a beleaguered National party. 1,135 more words

Data Analysis

Simbly Put, Data Science is the next big thing.

Have you observed any the following?
– you start receiving mails about offers for the products you search online
– products relevant to you appearing on advertisements on Google and Facebook… 452 more words