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The Book: Data Just Right

I realized there is a number of books covering databases and data handling that I go through or am in touch with, but I never mention any of those or give any credit to authors, so I’m gonna change that starting today. 281 more words


Rita Raley

Dataveillance and Countervailance 

Rita Raley focuses deeply on the surveillance of Internet users and the inability for most users to alter the way they are targeted by online behavioural advertising. 1,207 more words

esProc Helps Process Structured Text in Java - Import data into the database

While importing the structured text files into the database using Java alone, we need to combine the SQL statements together manually, and to deal with various troublesome situations as well, like if the data in a table has been existed, whether we should update it or insert data into it, if some fields are included in the file, and if the fields in the file are consistent with those in the table. 842 more words


At Zulily, a small approach to big data

Racks of clothes, piles of toys, and stacks of boxes clutter the offices and rooms inside the Seattle headquarters of online retailer Zulily. Each day, 9,000 new products are added to the company’s website to be sold in flash sales. 866 more words


Video Games and Big Data

With more than 2 billion gamers around the world generating 50 Tb of data per day, the global game industry is now larger than the music industry and is on par with the film industry. 331 more words

Extending Scenario Design - Research

After the group future scenario development, I decided to research more about relationship between Big Data and security. As our scenario was based on the conflict between society and world government about the invasion of privacy through collecting individual’s data, I was curious to find out what the benefit and weakness of Big Data analytics are, and how they suggest an innovative solution to a possible problem, or how they may raise a social conflict. 738 more words

Salesforce is onto something. It’s about time we put our data to work

In 1995, if you were to print out all of the data captured by customer-relationship management systems, you could fill file cabinets covering one square block on the island of Manhattan. 737 more words