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"If it's free, you're the product."

“If it’s free, you’re the product”

A term that has been widely used for many years, yet not understood or even acknowledged by a large majority of online customers. 603 more words


Losing Or Misusing Publicly Available Personal Data - Just Hard Luck?

There’s tangible legal and moral tension between naivety and greed in the current social media-verse. On one hand, an evolution of the definition of private, with generation Y making parents, companies and security bodies ever more nervous about what they consider acceptable to share. 1,850 more words


Webinar to explore using data to help predict and prevent traffic accidents and fatalities

The following blog post is sponsored by IBM.

Police departments throughout the U.S. have been trying for years to find ways to cut the number of accidents and fatalities occurring on the country’s highways. 188 more words

Highway Safety

Tech firms are actually using data and analytics less than other industries

Technology companies are known for their use of analytics. The most famous—or notorious—example was at Google, which once tested 41 shades of blue to decide what color to use on a toolbar. 564 more words

Silos de informação e as oportunidades para análise de dados com uma visão integrada

A estrutura de sistemas de uma organização pode ser bem heterogênea, contemplando ERPs, pacotes especialistas de prateleira, sistemas desenvolvidos internamente, dentre outros. Além das fontes de dados desses sistemas, também se apresentam… 462 more words

Cluster Analysis using R

# Load the data set
europe <- read.csv(“D:/R/europe.csv”, header=T)

# View the first 10 rows of data
head(europe, n=10)

# Perform the cluster analysis
euroclust<-hclust(dist(europe[-1])) 17 more words

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