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Dana Chinn Response — Selena Seay-Reynolds

“What is an audience?” This was the question posed by Dana Chinn at the start of her presentation on data analytics and digital media metrics. Big data has revolutionized how we define readership, providing detailed information about how individuals consume and interact with content. 56 more words

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Dana Chinn Response — Chase Peterson

Big data proved to be an interesting subject matter because I learned today that not all of the conventional measurements matter in an online publication. Dana Chinn emphasized exactly what was wort measuring in online content, and dispelled several rumors I believed myself. 54 more words

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Dana Chinn Response — Gabe Quintela

The most important thing I learned from Dana was the difference between strong and weak metrics. I, as a reader, often fell for metrics such as unique viewers and page views that blogs can often inflate to seem more impressive than the actual amount of people they are engaging. 59 more words

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Dana Chinn Response -- Marina Maffessanti

It is important to understand the metrics of each of the social media platforms you are using to reach your audience. They all measure engagement and success differently, and they all have different audiences, so it is entirely possible that something that proves to be effective on one platform may not translate well to another without making some necessary changes. 44 more words

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Dana Chinn Response — Emma Shepardson

Dana Chinn taught us that when print newspapers were the most popular medium of news, everyone read everything every day.  However, currently, that is outdated and the idea now is that everyone reads a lot but not everything, every day.  62 more words

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When the Right People Correlate the Right Information, Expect a Masterpiece

“All knowledge is connected to all other knowledge. The fun is in making the connections.”

The remarkable gentleman who said this quote, Arthur Aufderheide M.D.

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Inter Row Computation to Showcase the Difference Between R Language and esProc

The inter row computation is quite common, such as the aggregate, comparison with same period of any previous year, and link relative ratio. Both R language and esProc provides the pretty good inter-row computation ability with slight difference to each other. 787 more words

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