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Parallelism of esProc enhances Oracle Data Import Speed

Recently, we skillfully handled an industry project to import a great amount of data from file to Oracle in comparatively short time.
At the beginning, we tried to import the data with the sqlldr of Oracle, only to find it is surprisingly time-consuming to load a great amount of data: Too slow if 2.5 hours have to be spent to import a table containing 80 million records. 245 more words



ETL process usually includes lot of business logics, which is beyond the reach of visual ETL tools. Most of times they need to be implemented through hard coding. 1,311 more words


The shortest distance between two points? At UPS, it's complicated

The number of possible routes that a UPS driver could take on any given day is enormous.

Strike that—the number of possible routes that a UPS driver could take on any given day… 651 more words


He’s Selling and She’s Buying – I Hope They Discussed This Beforehand!

What is something that women buy and men sell, is purchased by a quarter of all divorcées who are offered it and gets more expensive with the age of the seller but cheaper with the age of the buyer? 703 more words

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Strategic business growth advisors, marketing and sales transformation experts.

We’re passionate about driving revenue growth & business optimization by integrating digital marketing technology with sales best practices. 125 more words

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Can Big Data cure cancer?

You’ve heard the story before. A couple of whiz kids meet at an elite college, bond over their love of computers, and after a few late-night hacking sessions, build a website or an app. 2,846 more words