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Excel: Remove Duplicates

To remove duplicate values in Excel, follow the steps below.

This is the first post in a series of basic data analytic procedures using Excel. If you work with data regularly, these procedures will help you understand your data better and analyze it faster.

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The rise of Data Designers

It’s a little ironic that I wrote this post while procrastinating doing the assignment for my data analytics course.

… we’re at the break of the most exciting era of computing, the convergence of pervasive computing, our increased ‘dependency’, and data (capturing and handling) will diminish the concept of a computer as a box (keyboard, mouse, and monitor) and transfer it into more of a living ‘thing’ (or service). 250 more words

Machine Learning

Bridging the Analytical Gap

Today, while analytics is playing a vital role in the organizations’ strategies, it is equally important that right business entity practises it to enable draw maximum value. 459 more words


50 Great Data Viz Articles Of 2014

Overall, the rise of data journalism, the increase use of maps – good and bad ones -, and “storytelling” are among the most referenced topics in this list, but for a more comprehensive review of the year in data visualization, don’t miss the recent episodes of Data Sories and Tableau Wanna Be podcasts.

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Microsoft Buying Revolution Analytics For Deeper Data Analysis

I do not know whether this is a good news or not. R has been one of my favorite tools in BI and data analytics. I like the open source development environment of R. 172 more words

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Microsoft buys data science specialist Revolution Analytics

Microsoft has agreed to acquire Revolution Analytics, a company built around commercial software and support for the popular R statistical computing project. The open source R project… 540 more words

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The promise of big data still looms, but execution lags

When something is hyped as much as the notion of big data, there’s bound to be disappointment when results don’t meet expectations right this second. 582 more words