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How To Challenge Your Friends To An Instagram Popularity Contest

We all appreciate it when our friends ‘like’ our content on social networks. Whether it’s a status update we’ve posted or a photo, it’s always nice to get that social seal of approval on something you’ve created. 261 more words

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DP Cloud Backup

Everybody is asking the same questions “what if my hard disk stopped working? what if a virus erased all of my important data?Is there a safe way to ensure that my data is safe in case of any malfunction or natural disaster?

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The end of (my digital) world...

There is a saying in my country – when people make plans, God in heaven is laughing… I was so much looking forward to my little 7 days plant diary and I got ready my photos for today, but apparently each time I try to do something meaningful or nice, it is doomed to end in disaster. 191 more words

Enterprise Data Backup is More Than Just Being Able to Get the Data Back

The purpose of enterprise data backup is more than just being prepared to restore data in the case of a catastrophic event resulting from weather or machine failure. 371 more words


Ways To Take Backup Data To Prevent Data Loss

Though there are data recovery options available for the loss of data it is better to take some measures to avoid the hassle. The corruption can be due to different factors the important one is the virus infection, hard drive problems, whether it’s your personal laptop or the official one you need to maintain the system upgrades as the easy way. 219 more words

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Difference between Online Backup and Cloud storage

Many might have this doubt hitting their minds and might be looking for resources to help them clarify what exactly is the difference between an online backup and cloud storage. 277 more words

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How About Storing Your Audios in Bitcasa?

I’ve been playing with the Bitcasa “Infinite Storage” service for some time, and I must say I have difficulties commenting on whether I like it or not. 522 more words