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Cloud の調査:データセンター・トラフィックは、2018年の時点で 8.6 ZB に至る ー Cisco

Cloud Computing: Data Center Traffic to Triple in Five Years
By Dick Weisinger – December 9, 2014

Over the next five years, global data center IP traffic is expected to triple, based on the… 235 more words


欧州からのチャレンジ:Interoute の 仮想 DC ゾーンは London -New York を 68ms で接続する!

Europe’s most distributed cloud comes to America
Interoute Virtual Data Centre takes its IaaS cloud platform global
London, 18 June, 2014

Interoute, owner operator of Europe’s largest cloud services platform, has today launched a new Interoute Virtual Data Centre (VDC) zone in New York in a move that will further expand its cloud services globally. 610 more words


IDC : 2017年を境にデータセンター数は減少にいたるが、全体的なキャパシティは成長し続ける

IDC: Amount of World’s Data Centers to Start Declining in 2017
Yevgeniy Sverdlik – November 11, 2014

The number of data centers being built in around the world will continue growing until it peaks at 8.6 million in 2017, at which point it will begin to decline, according to a recent report by IDC. 348 more words


Data Center の調査:大変革を促す4つの要因とは? - Gartner

Data Centers: Ripe for Dramatic Changes
By Dick Weisinger – Oct 24, 2014

Data Center spending is expected to exceed $143 billion this year.  And with huge growth of applications and infrastructure moving to the cloud, the future of data center spending looks rosy.  But Gartner warns that the rosy expectations are likely superficial in that the current data center landscape is likely to dramatically change.  While there will be growth, there will also be fierce competition, disruption, and enormous changes in the data center market. 207 more words


Google データセンターの世界:とても豪華な写真集

Take A Rare Peek Inside The Massive Data Centers That Power Google
Christian Storm – Oct. 22, 2014

Data centers are typically shrouded in secrecy because they are the brains behind tech companies. 169 more words