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Stealth Security Firm vArmour Raises $36 Million

Firewalls and traditional defenses against hackers are over. It’s time to rethink how we protect our computers and the networks that connect them.

Today vArmour, a new security startup still running in stealth mode, announced that it has raised a combined $36 million in new funding. 368 more words


Benefits of Hosting Reliable Email Services For Your Business

If you are a business owner, which could be one of the greatest favors your can do to your organization? The answer is quite simple, all you have to do is opening a personalized e-mail account. 601 more words

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Google wants to show the world how sexy cluster management really is

It doesn’t have a enticing name like cloud computing or the appconomy, but cluster management really is some sexy stuff. Important, too: Done right, it’s the thing that makes the web run by letting companies including Google, Facebook and Twitter scale to billions of users without spending every spare dollar and every spare second of engineer time managing their servers. 549 more words


Data Centre Cooling - Simplified

Data Centre Cooling

This post discusses cooling (air conditioning) of your data centre.

What is a Data Centre?

Data centres can be small or massive. In simple terms they are rooms (or data halls) where you put your IT equipment. 3,115 more words


Autoscale, a.k.a. "Dynamic right-sizing", at Facebook

A bit of news on the data center front for those that may have missed it:  Facebook recently announced the deployment of a new power-efficient load balancer called “Autoscale”.  318 more words


Please do not overcool your data center….want to know why?

Data Center Managers are in a myth that the secret to run their equipment efficiently is by ensuring the facility is as cool as possible and avoid overheating. 665 more words

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