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Our services for emergency standby equipment include UPS battery testingpreventative maintenance contracts for Uninterruptible Power Supplies and DC power systems, certificated electrical installations and secure  41 more words


Why take out maintenance on your emergency standby power equipment?

BCL Power provide bespoke preventative maintenance contracts for UPS and emergency battery backup systems that support telecoms, rail, marine, lighting or solar applications. We have options for next business day break fix solutions, 4 and 8 hour response throughout the UK, and 24/7 support for any type of uninterruptible standby power related issues. 210 more words


What the NBN could have done to IT?

Many people lament what the NBN could have done. Fat pipes, fast downloads and uploads for users would have just the start. The biggest benefit would be the new industries that would pop up due to the capability of so many people connected to the one fast network. 219 more words


SNMP Cyber Attack

Cyber attacks on UPS systems, BMS, heating and cooling infrastructure via the SNMP cards are now beginning to appear on news pages.

Shutting these systems down is the only thought in a criminal’s mind. 135 more words


The Importance of Battery Testing

Following his goalkeeping heroics for USA against Belgium at the World Cup, Tim Howard has been the topic of discussion right around the planet. The interest in his incredible performance even spread to Twitter, where the hashtag #thingstimhowardcouldsave was trending. 259 more words


Tailored UPS Maintenance Packages

In these modern times it seems that everything you buy can be personalised to suit your needs, desires or lifestyle. Whether you are purchasing new trainers or booking a holiday, acquiring products and services has never been as flexible. 229 more words


Do you know ‘weather’ your UPS will work in the heat this summer?

Summer is great; it brings people together for barbecues, festivals and sporting events to name a few, but summer may not be as fun for a… 189 more words