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Weekly Response 10 — Diana Rosenthal

I loved Sarah Calaghan’s blog post “How is a scarf like a dataset?” I thought the analogy was quirky, but true, and it boiled the complex idea of describing, organizing, and managing data into some easy-to-understand concepts. 236 more words

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Weekly response #10: Datasets Management, Rachel Skinner-O’Neill

It is quite mind-blowing just how much data humans are now capable of producing and, as access to the technology to create more data grows, the amount will only increase. 218 more words

Weekly Response Posts

Weekly Response 10: Emily Moyer

It is now not only libraries and librarians role to find and help users navigate data but also in their mission to preserve and curate this data. 253 more words

Digital & Visual Ethics Panel/Web Conference - AAA Meetings in December 2014

I am participating in a two-part panel entitled, Digital Media and the Production of Anthropology: A Discussion on Visual Ethics at the upcoming American Anthropology Meetings in Washington, D.C. 496 more words


Explaining Data Curation

Data curation is a rich, complicated subject with some fascinating, hairy problems and DataBindery addresses those problems in powerful ways. As of today, the DataBindery website has some new sections outlining  237 more words

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