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Let the Data Guard Broker control LOG_ARCHIVE_* parameters!

When using the Data Guard Broker, you don’t need to set any LOG_ARCHIVE_* parameter for the databases that are part of your Data Guard configuration. The broker is doing that for you. 1,018 more words



The setup was created on a Single Instance Database. The details of the setup are given below.
Version          =
Primary Database = D481
Standby Database = D482… 1,107 more words
Data Guard Setup

Different Results from Data Guard's Show Configuration Command

Recently I built a Data Guard environment on two Exadatas with three RAC databases and did a lot of tests. The Show Configuration is probably the most frequent command I used in DG Broker. 877 more words


Join me in a FREE live webcast about Real-Time Query!

On Thursday, 2nd October, 12:30 CET I will be doing a Live Webcast with many demonstrations about Data Guard Real-Time Query.

The shown features all work with 11g already. 8 more words


Script to identify the restore/recover point for archive logs

I did some work on an interesting project to keep a standby database in sync with a production primary database manually. This is not a true standby database as the primary database does not communicate with this standby database. 980 more words


Archived Logs Repository

Hello, everyone! On this post, I’ll write about the concept of Archived Log Repository. A few people know it, although most had contact indirectly with it. 167 more words

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Don't go directly to Maximum Protection!

With a Data Guard Configuration in Maximum Performance protection mode, don’t go to Maximum Protection directly, because that leads to a restart of the primary database: 174 more words