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“Fiction has helped my journalism because it has given it literary value. Journalism has helped my fiction because it has kept me in a close relationship with reality.” 677 more words

The Lede Program has awesome faculty

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I’m the Program Director for the new Lede Program at the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism. I’m super excited to announce that I’ve found amazing faculty for… 211 more words

Open Source Tools

What an MEP really costs

Now that Nigel Farage is in the news again this week over his row with The Times about their claims he abused his European parliament expenses account, I decided to look up  what an MEP can and cannot claim in expenses. 676 more words


The Tax Map Cometh: Or, what my multimedia journalism students did in class today with Google Fusion tables

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It’s interactive data map time! This one’s a choropleth map charting each state’s combined state and local sales taxes for 2012. Data are from the… 564 more words

New Media

GRAPH:  BBC Mind Share v Public Market Share

For years the BBC has explained its disproportionate consumption of the Guardian newspaper compared with public market share by arguing that it needs to buy more broadsheet papers than popular ones to best provide news for licence fee payers. 340 more words


Coding for journalists: 10 hottest websites to teach yourself to code

Should journalists learn computer code? That’s a controversial question at the moment. The general consensus seems to be that today’s journalists need at least a basic level of technical literacy so when they team up with developers, they can better understand the language they speak. 1,038 more words


African newsrooms shy away from data

Newsrooms need data journalism to improve the quality and credibility of their work, writes Paul Wafula 

Data journalism is a news source that journalists will need to make use of not only to reinvent their field but also to find exclusive stories that can help sell their publications. 568 more words