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Adobe updates its e-reader - DRM data no longer transmitted insecurely

Adobe has published an update to its cryptographically-challenged Digital Editions 4 e-reader software.

Digital Editions lets you read eBooks, but thanks to the exigencies of Digital Rights Management (DRM), it also keeps track of a… 530 more words


The data industry has a pipe problem and it needs to be fixed

By: Cortland J. Fondon

When people think about data leakage, they often think about the types of massive data breaches that have occurred on a regular basis with some of the largest retailers in the world for the last several years. 459 more words

Programmatic Advertising

The Only Way Out Is Through

On October 19, 2014 at 3:10 a.m., my phone rang. It was Daddy from Beijing, China. I picked up the phone, and he asked, “Wan-qian, we need a talk.” 475 more words

Weekly Homeworks

POODLE attack takes bytes out of your encrypted data - here's what to do

Imagine that you’re a hacker who has taken over a Wi-Fi access point at a coffee shop.

You don’t need to be there in person; you just need to be able to login to the access point as root (UNIX’s name for the system administrator). 1,714 more words


Bugzilla bug tracker fixes zero-day bug revealing bug

Bugzilla, Mozilla’s free and popular bug tracking program, has just been updated to patch a number of security holes.

One of them is not only interesting and important, but also ironic. 553 more words