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Monitoring and Evaluation: Data Management Systems

Seasons greetings everyone. Below is a synopsis and LINKS on the above book that I believe many of you will find helpful. Please do not hesitate to share it with friends, colleagues and appropriate parties. 259 more words

Data Management

Recoding Data~ Create new variables to answer your research questions

The overall standard deviations and mean remain the same in terms of distance from each other. Sometimes it is neater or easier to understand the raw data if it is recoded. 269 more words

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The Quandl Excel add-in

In the past I have already mentioned the data initiative called Quandl. Through the website it is possible to find and download numercial datasets that people or organizations provide. 292 more words


MDM for Advanced Analytics: Delivering Raw Data Faster

Author: Peter Krensky, Research Analyst, Aberdeen Group

Advanced analytics and complex data-driven decision making have a lot in common with the manufacturing process. Raw materials (data) are gathered and prepared for assembly or fabrication. 471 more words

Master Data Management (MDM)

Maine DOE hires learning tech leader to assist with online assessment implementation

The Maine DOE has contracted one of the state’s foremost learning technology leaders to help schools as they prepare to administer Maine’s first-ever statewide online assessment this spring. 417 more words


Maine joins New England states to create common system for reporting on educational performance

PORTLAND – A consortium of states including Maine has released two years of reports created under a first of its kind regional common data project. 523 more words

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Are You Gaining or Losing on Cross-Selling?

Author: Erasmus Holm

Does “Buy the look” or “You may also be interested in” sound familiar when you think of your latest e-commerce visit? If so, then you have been the target of cross-selling. 515 more words

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