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Sorting Cars

Description of Data set- This data comes from the UCI Machine learning repository. It contains information about 1728 cars based on 6 attributes-buying price of car(price),perceived quality of maintenance(maint), number of doors on the car(doors), number of persons that can fit in the car(persons), size of the luggage boot(lug_boot), and perceived safety of the car(safety). 297 more words

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Feature Selection: Filters.

In my previous post I gave a brief overview of Dimensionality Reduction and described its taxonomy. Recall, that there are 2 main branches: Feature Extraction… 1,559 more words

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[INFTN-14-001] A Framework for Finding High Interest Content Pages from Web Visit History at Client Side


The first goal of this paper is to design good implicit indicators applicable to client side Web usage mining, especially to find high interest content pages removing navigational pages and uninteresting content pages from a user’s Web visit history. 8,266 more words

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Dimensionality Reduction. Overview.

Dimensionality Reduction is a very important area of Data Mining. It has always had a lot of attention from academic circles and, perhaps more importantly, has found an infinite number of applications and proved its necessity in the industrial world. 1,869 more words

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Marketers are watching you. Cool?

 I had to write today about Acxiom’s new website www.aboutthedata.com.  For those who aren’t aware or just haven’t thought about it much lately, all that data you put on your social networks, made available to your mortgage company, all your purchase behavior on credit cards or data available through government is used by a Marketer somewhere at some time to sell you some thing.     489 more words

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Ello, Ello? New 'No Ads' Social Network Ello Is Blowing Up Right Now

In March a new social network launched promising the opposite business model to Facebook, i.e. not selling ads based on user data and instead relying on, perhaps, paid premium features to keep going. 488 more words


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We were discussing ello as a team a bit, passing around invites and musing on how the ad-free, users-as-product-free manifesto could possibly translate into real-world dollar$, a business-model conundrum we ourselves have tangled with in the past. One of the Fathym crew observed that people just don't seem interested in paying for their privacy. Yet. We think a lot about privacy. It's uniquely important to all of us as individuals and of course, as a company. A move like this that appears to go against current start-up and business trends raises questions, such as, have we reached a point of being willing to pay for an ad-free garden of social Eden? What will it take for more people to appreciate the value placed on the data about their personal lives enough to want to take it back? What are the real-world social implications of connectivity that has to be bought in currency other than data? Could there possibly be enough people willing to pay for ad-free social media that would ease the fears that ello won't or won't be able to remain true to the values laid out in it's manifesto? We're inspired by ello's manifesto. It has a strong vision that addresses similar themes to Fathym's core philosophy: engagement and empowerment, connection and collaboration. We'll be watching their space closely.