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Text Analysis of the Grand Jury Documents

I watched Twitter and the CBC while the prosecutor was reading his statement. I watched the live feeds from Ferguson, and other cities around the US. 648 more words

Classroom Management Apps and Anonymity

I’ve written before about the importance of protecting children on the Internet (see the post here), but I’ve been wondering more and more about what teachers may be doing that, unbeknownst to them, is compromising students’ anonymity. 242 more words

Technology Trends

A quant's annoyance...continuous futures contracts

Just a small vent today.  I’m deep in the middle of creating my own series of continuous futures contracts, which is both dull and so very important… 201 more words

Personal Data Survey: Would You Trade Yours?

What do you think of the way your personal data is used in exchange for free services (i.e. such as Google or Facebook)?
Would you prefer to trade your personal data in return for real money? 11 more words


Classification "in the hood"?

Are you most like your neighbor?
Probably you are!

1. To classify a new instance, search the training set for one that’s “most like” it. 69 more words

Beer and Nappies

There are many brilliant stories when BIG DATA comes. The most famous one would be the stories of “Beer and Nappies” 545 more words

Big Dta

Data and Text Mining

What is Data and Text mining?  Data mining is a class of database applications that look for hidden patterns in a group of data that can be used to predict future behavior. 345 more words