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Board game rank change report for 2014Q2

I’m late in posting this month, but on July 1, I captured the state of the board game rankings at BoardGameGeek so that I could compare them to the rankings from the end of last quarter, as usual. 156 more words

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Does Common Core-related curriculum want your family health info? | Say Anything

Alder, mother of three students in the West Bend public school system and outspoken critic of Common Core, says one of her children brought home a physical education lesson plan that was nothing short of an invasion of privacy.Students were asked to fill out the medical history of family members and chart the information. 30 more words


“The Digital Age is ‘Clouding’ Our Thoughts


“The Digital Age is ‘Clouding’ Our Thoughts


Security and Privacy in the digital realm: The impact of cloud computing


Image (1): http://firstmonday.org/htbin/cgiwrap/bin/ojs/index.php/fm/article/view/4050


As the phenomenal growth of digital technology continues, the impact of today’s information laced, technologically based economy also greatly increased the rate and growth of cybercrimes and the capabilities of hackers and cybercriminals (ACM, 2012, p1and IT Business Edge, 2013, p1-5). 1,208 more words



Web scraping is the process of harvesting or capturing or extracting data from websites on the memory or secondary memory of the computer. This extracted data could be used for the manipulation in application, statistical analyzing of data, and projection of future on the basis of scraped content. 249 more words

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Orang yang Tersesat Belum Tentu Tersesat

“Woi, masa sih? Di mana-mana orang yang tersesat, ya, ya, berarti tersesat!”

Wuits, belum tentu, kawan, orang yang tersesat itu belum tentu tersesat?

“Apanya? Apanya yang gak tersesat?” 1,502 more words


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Why should you be concerned about student data?

A constant in educational software is the unsexy yet absolutely necessary requirement to keep student and teacher data secure. This requirement is not part of the beautiful pedagogical functionality an educational application presents, yet without it, the product is morally and legally lacking. 787 more words

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Is your Data an Asset?

Think about the all the data you have in your organisation.

For a business there is customer data, sales data, advertising information and personnel files. For not-for-profits there are donor registers, volunteer lists and information about those you support. 191 more words

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