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Macroeconomic forecasting has had a turbulent history

Most early discussions argued against econometric forecasting in principle:

  • Forecasting was not properly grounded in statistical theory,
  • It presupposed that causation implies predictability, and
  • The forecasts themselves were invalidated by the reactions of economic agents to them.
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Global Financial Crisis (GFC)

Plugged-in phones and plugged-in profiles: Facebook's access to your mic & camera

The FB camera/ microphone updates pictured below are a few months old now, but as far as I know public awareness around them is still relatively low – Did you know that the Facebook app can access your phone or tablet’s camera and microphone ‘at any time’ and ‘without your confirmation’? 397 more words




Abdurahman Baizal

Narasumber : Prof. The Houw Liong

Program Studi Fisika Institut Teknologi Bandung


Bagaimana sebenarnya sumber daya alam yang dipunyai Indonesia ini? 1,028 more words


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Indonesia bisa menjadi negara maju ?

Cosmic Rays, Sunspots, and Beryllium

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

In investigations of the past history of cosmic rays, the deposition rates (flux rates) of the beryllium isotope 10Be are often used as a proxy for the amount of cosmic rays. 1,540 more words

Climate News

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Periodicity Analysis

Sometimes Big Data isn't Equivalent to Big Brother

We’ve all been taught that privacy is one of the finer things in life. We know leaving the bathroom door open is not socially acceptable and that keeping our ATM PINs from strangers probably decreases our risk of getting robbed. 650 more words