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Data means raw fact and figure or a piece of information. Extraction means scraping, retrieval or harvesting. So together the term “Data Extraction “means extraction of the meaningful information from one or multiple sources. 398 more words

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Starting with Rattle and Revolution Analytics - Installation

Hi everyone… I hope my last post on comparing R tutorials was helpful to people.

This time we will look at a few R tools namely, “ 476 more words


What to expect in a day of Predictive Analytics

SQL Saturday is coming this weekend in Baton Rouge, LA and I’m presenting a full day pre-con on Friday on Predictive Analytics.  It’s a full day deep dive on how to start using Predictive Analytics in your organization, and ideal for people who are brand new to the field. 139 more words

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Meet The Big Data

Thanks to some enthusiastic (and perhaps, well paid :) ) people, great training programs and conferences about Data are out there for us to learn. In this post, I would summarize my impressions and takeaways after attending one such event – … 2,904 more words

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Data Mining for Software Development Project

I have encountered a paper about using data mining techniques for software development project. More about this please see http://www.lsi.us.es/~riquelme/publicaciones/3.8%20ijseke.pdf.

It is interesting to read because i have come up with similar ideas. 136 more words

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New study claims to confirm water vapor as global warming amplifier - but other data says no

Just because something is said to be an amplifier doesn’t mean it actually is doing so, plus other datasets don’t show an increase in water vapor.  1,287 more words

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Global warming amplifier

How big is Big Data? How scary is it?

“Big Data” is the data that is bigger then “Small Data”… Sounds like absurd, but this is kind of correct. Can you prove otherwise? Who defines which amount of data makes it Big. 790 more words

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