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While advertising has always been a part of business, psychology and market research are the cornerstones of advertising. When you buy anything you leave behind data, either explicitly, in the form of a survey, or implicitly in your actions. 854 more words


Data Mining| Web Scrapping and Data Extraction Services

The term Data Mining refers to the extraction of vital information by processing a huge amount of data. Data Mining plays a prominent role in predictive analysis and decision making. 264 more words

Data Extraction Services

'Climate models not only significantly over-predict observed warming in the tropical troposphere, but they represent it in a fundamentally different way than is observed'

New Paper by McKitrick and Vogelsang comparing models and observations in the tropical troposphere

This is a guest post by Ross McKitrick (at Climate Audit). Tim Vogelsang and I have a new paper comparing climate models and observations over a 55-year span (1958-2012) in the tropical troposphere. 946 more words


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Neat Science Thursday - Call for Papers

We interrupt our regularly schedule post for this important announcement. There are only 7 days left to answer the call for papers and save a scientist. 265 more words


Online Tracking Is Getting Creepier (And More..)

Here are a few interesting reads, for you thinkers out there.

Why Online Tracking Is Getting Creepier

The merger of online and offline data is bringing more intrusive tracking.

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Yes or No to Avvo?

Many attorneys are choosing to use Avvo as a marketing tool for their firms.  But are they doing this because they feel they have to in order to keep their reputation in the clear (Avvo data mines information and creates a profile for attorneys even if they didn’t want to create a profile)?   62 more words


New paper finds transient climate sensitivity to doubling of CO2 is about 1°C

A new paper published in Ecological Modelling finds climate sensitivity to doubled CO2 concentrations is significantly lower than estimates from the IPCC and climate models which “utilize uncertain historical data and make various assumptions about forcings.” The author instead uses a ‘minimal model’ with the fewest possible assumptions and least data uncertainty to derive a transient climate sensitivity of only 1.093C:

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New paper finds transient climate sensitivity to doubling of CO2 is about 1°C