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Build Your Own Time Hierarchy

Every single BI system has a time/date/period/calendar hierarchy in it. If you use the BI Apps, it actually comes with 2 different tables for this purpose alone, along with a ton of OOB capability. 3,235 more words

BI Theory And Best Practices

Data Models and Real World Alignment

Usually data models are made to fit a specific purpose of use. As reported in the post A Place in Time this often leads to data quality issues when the data is going to be used for purposes different from the original intended. 239 more words


The Importance of Structured Data in eCommerce

What may be obvious to a human reader can sometimes be really hard for a computer to understand. You and I can go to a retailer’s website, look at a product and it’s completely obvious to us what the name of the product is, what it looks like, what it costs, read a description, etc. 561 more words


Finding unused indexes

Oracle has a built-in facility to monitor the usage of some objects, including indexes. This is useful for identifying indexes that are not being used, in many cases you can improve DML performance by dropping those indexes. 825 more words


The Provenance of Manuscripts: Why It Matters

The Phillipps Collection project focuses on the provenance of the Phillipps manuscripts. I am aiming to track, analyse and visualise their individual histories from the time when they were created to the present day – often spanning a period of more than 500 years. 860 more words

Phillipps Project

Managing empty tables

Does your database have a lot of empty tables of (potentially) unknown origin? While the returned space is usually insignificant, there are some simple things you can do to help manage these. 442 more words


A Thousand Exponentially Smaller Hyper-Sausages: a Toy Model for Learning Certain Complex Problems

The Toy Model

First consider the following toy problem:

  • the input data distribution is a mixture of very many components (e.g. gaussians) with relative sizes decreasing very fast.
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