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Creating a Metadata Mart via TSQL - Complete Data Profiling Kit - Download

With Data Profiling can apply the age old management adage “You get what you inspect, not what you expect” Readers Digest.

This article will describe how to implement a data profiling dashboard in Excel and a metadata repository as well as the TSQL required to load and update the repository. 640 more words

Data Profiling Grows Up – Index Engines 5.1

Data profiling allows organizations to report and analyze file and email content in order to streamline their data center. By non-disruptively scanning NAS and server storage repositories, backup tapes and archives such as SharePoint, IT planners can gain deep insight into the relative business value of all of this stored content. 1,326 more words


Attaining Ongoing Storage Savings

Data center planners tasked with lowering the cost of storage have an unenviable job. Several industry sources state that data is doubling every two years and the principal source of this growth is unstructured data (user files, PDFs, rich multimedia, machine sensor data, email). 1,070 more words


Why I love SSIS' xml task

You too love it, right?? Yes I know, SSIS is such a great tool that’s pretty easy and fast to learn. And, XML’s been a revolution in the way data is being stored, transmitted and consumed. 528 more words


Data is the new oil - what grade is yours?

Bill Bryson’s most recent book “One Summer: America 1927″ provides a fascinating insight into the world of Aviation in the “roaring 20′s”. Aviators were vying to be the first to cross the Atlantic from New York to Paris, a challenge that took many lives, most of which were European.   212 more words

Data Quality

Can Data Profiling Solve The Data Epidemic?

It comes as no surprise to any IT professional that unstructured user data is growing. What may surprise them is the rate at which that growth is occurring and the lengths of time that data needs to be retained. 1,443 more words