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Open source tools for Data Profiling

Data Profiling is nothing but analyzing the existing data available in a data source and identifying the meta data on the same. This post is an high level introduction to data profiling and just provide pointers to data profiling. 168 more words


Mastering Microsoft SQL Server tools required for EIM (MDS, DQS, Profiling and SSIS) - Complete Kit


Understanding and mastering the various Microsoft SQL Server Tools available for Data Quality , Master Data Management , Fuzzy Matching and Enterprise Information Management can be daunting and exasperating. 379 more words

Find the hidden easter eggs in your data

The great annual, Easter Egg Hunt is over. On Sunday morning, millions of children, and quite a few adults, indulged in the ancient tradition of searching for hidden treasures to celebrate Easter. 502 more words

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Guerrilla MDS MDM The Road To Data Governance

Watch “Guerrilla MDS MDM The Road To Data Governance” by @irawhiteside on @PASSBIVC channel here: youtu.be/U0TtQUhch-U #SQLServer #SQLPASS

For tomorrow’s MDM you must be ready to embrace Agile Iterative and/or Extreme Scoping in order to fully realize the benefits and learn the constraints of MDS

Data Profiling

Creating a Metadata Mart via TSQL - Complete Data Profiling Kit - Download

With Data Profiling can apply the age old management adage “You get what you inspect, not what you expect” Readers Digest.

This article will describe how to implement a data profiling dashboard in Excel and a metadata repository as well as the TSQL required to load and update the repository. 640 more words

Data Profiling Grows Up – Index Engines 5.1

Data profiling allows organizations to report and analyze file and email content in order to streamline their data center. By non-disruptively scanning NAS and server storage repositories, backup tapes and archives such as SharePoint, IT planners can gain deep insight into the relative business value of all of this stored content. 1,326 more words


Attaining Ongoing Storage Savings

Data center planners tasked with lowering the cost of storage have an unenviable job. Several industry sources state that data is doubling every two years and the principal source of this growth is unstructured data (user files, PDFs, rich multimedia, machine sensor data, email). 1,070 more words