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Data scientist: Your mileage may vary

For those madly scrambling to hire data scientists, make sure you’re hiring the right kind. Getting it wrong can be very expensive.

Finding a good data scientist just got even harder.

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Ask A Data Scientist: Recommender Systems

Welcome to the first in a series of articles sponsored by Intel – “Ask a Data Scientist.” Once a week you’ll see reader submitted questions of varying levels of technical detail answered by a practicing data scientist – sometimes by me and other times by an Intel data scientist. 73 more words

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Data Drama


X: What makes a great data scientist?
Y: I don’t know. What makes a great data scientist?
X: I have to watch a 40 minute webinar to find out. 10 more words

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Let Data Ask Questions, Not Just Answer Them

The bigger the data, the more profitable and productive predictive analytics can be. But that’s conventional wisdom. Innovators more intent on inventing the future than predicting it should look hard at how cutting-edge scientists now computationally massage their big data. 81 more words

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Don't let data scientist perfectionists derail your schedule

Data scientists who strive for perfection often don’t realize that managers are more impressed by employees who meet their deadlines. Here are ways to mitigate schedule slippage. 55 more words

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Building an effective data governance framework

Preserving the integrity and consistency of your organization’s data is crucial. Learn best practices for managing a strong data governance program and maximizing the efforts of data stewards in this guide. 51 more words

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