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The Big Deal Of Big Data ...

While academics from the US or UK may dispute the number of zeroes making a quintillion they would both agree 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is a lot and that is the amount of data, according to IBM, generated around the world on a daily basis from – human interactions on the internet, the instrumentation and interconnectedness of sensors, the intelligence of devices and including what some have termed ‘ubiquitous computing’. 2,032 more words


New Fountain of Youth - BigData

We all strive to be young, wild, carefree, daring, and adventurous. When you are young you are not afraid of failure as you have your whole life ahead of you. 640 more words


Employers Sabotaging Own Efforts to Recruit Analytics Talent

Everyone agrees that finding qualified “Big Data” professionals is difficult.  The type of work that analytics professionals perform varies widely, and two data analysts can have very different skill sets.   781 more words

Big Data

James Bond and BigData and Analytics

When you are looking for an edge look no further than James Bond. He has the gadgets, has the most challenging job and ofcourse the perks that come with that. 635 more words


Definitions of The Data Scientist

I find the hardest part about being a Recruitment Consultant who specialises in Big Data & Data Science is keeping on top of this accelerating, contemporary market. 485 more words

Get the Right Data Scientists Asking the “Wrong” Questions

Wouldn’t it be great to catch the next Bernie Madoff well before his pyramid scheme collapsed around us?

That’s not a rhetorical question. Advances in the field of data science have brought us to the point where it’s reasonable to expect that an ongoing program of fraud could be identified in its early stages by people with access to the right data to cross-reference and query. 840 more words

Decision Making

Harvard Business Review reblogged this on Piece of Insight. and commented:

The true nature of data science consists of asking a series of questions – and accepting analytic failures, which ultimately lead to the bigger questions, the better insights, and the more valuable decisions.

Job Inspiration

Well folks, I have a job!

I actually had to turn two down as well…

A few weeks ago I applied for a job as a financial statistician, but after not hearing from the company for two weeks, I had all but given up hope on getting it.   398 more words