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Malware Steals Credit Card Data From Over 1,000 US Retailers

A hitherto unnamed virus that steals credit card data from cards’ magnetic stripes has affected more than 1,000 American businesses the Department of Homeland Security  386 more words

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Law Professors Oppose Federal Trade Secrets Acts, Ignore Their Benefits

I’ve written about the Defend Trade Secrets Act and the Trade Secrets Protection Act previously. I’ve expressed enthusiastic support for these laws, which have bipartisan and widespread corporate backing. 934 more words

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Protecting your identity at school

The school season is right around the corner. Young people are targeted for data theft at 35 times the rate of adults – they are considered an easy target for both digital and physical theft. 654 more words

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Congressmen Explain Why You Need to Be Proactive About Trade-Secret Theft

In today’s partisan political climate, it’s rare to see an issue that unites members of both parties. But trade-secrets theft has become such a significant threat to our economy that there is now a bipartisan effort to pass federal trade-secret legislation. 304 more words

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How to Spot a Fake LinkedIn Profile in 60 Seconds?

LinkedIn is a terrific platform to cultivate business connection. It is also rife with fraud and deceit. Fraudsters use as a social engineering tool which allow them to connect to professionals, trying to lure them to disclose their real contact details (work email is the best) and then use this email address to send spam or worse deliver Malware. 664 more words

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'Hackers' Strike Again, Target UPS This Time

Another bigshot has revealed that their digital security parameters were breached by a malware and personal information was stolen from some of their stores. Can you believe it? 389 more words