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Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

In the digital world we now live in, our data is on the move as we find our working lives taking us away from our traditional desk and outside of the business. 132 more words


Cyber Threats to a Bank - Part 1: Cybercriminals Target Financial Institutions

Banks and other financial institutions often serve as key targets for malicious activity committed in cyber space. Owing to their large-scale financial operations, banks have always attracted scammers and thieves searching for easy ways to get rich quick. 566 more words

Cyber Intelligence

A Metaphor for What the NSA is Doing

Joe is a regular American. The NSA has decided that, just like every other regular American, Joe has no right to do what he wants without being monitored. 99 more words

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Once upon a time, your work devices out spec’d your home device because of the huge costs involved. At work you would have the latest and greatest device/machine to do your work whilst your home device was much more entry level. 136 more words


Don’t let there be a ‘chink in your chain’ in combatting cybercrime

Technology and the internet have permeated through to every aspect of our lives, slowly percolating their way into businesses functions. While it has helped transcend boundaries and collaborate at a pace which was not thought possible even a decade ago, the side effects come with a similar momentum. 562 more words


WhatsHack: WhatsApp in Cyberspace

WhatsApp Messenger is an instant messaging subscription service. In addition to text messaging, users can send each other images, video and audio media messages, as well as location data. 418 more words


Data Breaches Increase Seven-Fold In One Year

According to a report by California’s attorney general, 18.5 million Californians were victims of cyber intrusions or data breaches in 2013. Remarkably, this was up from 2.5 million in 2012, a seven-fold increase. 318 more words

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