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Square Unveils Plan to Support U.S. Credit Card Security Overhaul

Square on Wednesday announced it was developing a new credit card reader that would allow businesses to begin accepting a more secure type of credit card being rolled out in the U.S. 353 more words


The "George Costanza Defense" to Trade-Secrets Theft

Seinfeld fans will remember the episode where George Costanza’s boss caught him sleeping with a cleaning lady on his desk, leading to this memorable exchange: 297 more words

Trade Secrets

Cyber Threats to the Insurance Industry

Written by Gal Landesman

In recent years, insurance companies have been finding themselves affected by the rising number of major incidents of cyberattacks. On the one hand, this trend presents a business opportunity for selling cyber insurance to organizations concerned about protecting their sensitive assets. 655 more words

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Can Mark Cuban's Cyber Dust Help Protect Proprietary Information?

Cyber Dust is an app that lets users send text messages without leaving a digital fingerprint. All texts “self destruct” within 30 seconds, after which they are not stored anywhere — including on Cyber Dust’s servers. 367 more words

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Mind the Gap – Mind your Android

Android holds approximately 80% of the global mobile market today. Due to the popularity of the Android operating system for mobile phones, it serves as a more attractive target for hackers and cyber criminals than iOS mobile phones. 411 more words

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Phishers Hide their Hooks in Short URLs

We have recently encountered a more elaborate phishing scheme, one which includes cleverly hidden links.

Some days ago we received an email titled “American Express has an important update for you”. 297 more words

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New Research Shows Many Fail To Take Action After Learning Of Data Theft

(CBS) – It can be devastating: your personal financial information getting into the wrong hands. Cyber criminals can ruin your credit, making it difficult to buy a house or car. 288 more words