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Big Data Visualization - why use table when you can draw

Data is the new soil of the world (David 2010), it is a collection of information, it allows people from all around the world to share and exchange information, so they can achieve goals that they may not imagine before. 409 more words


An Introduction to Content Analysis

This week, my team and I submitted our Practicum Report “Content Marketing Strategy and eBook”.

While the title is tidy and cuddly, the work involved was definitely not, but it was a really fantastic project to work on, where we got to put lots of our years’ learning into action. 557 more words

Big Data

What data journalism told us about #Ferguson

Data journalism in 2014 has taken a shift towards instant reporting: today it is about applying analysis and discovering data around events in the news as soon as they happen. 441 more words

Data Journalism

Twitter Reverb: how we made a new #dataviz tool

Anybody who tells you that working with big data is straightforward is probably lying. Often, what you’re trying to do is to filter it down, make it simpler and easier to deal with. 111 more words

Data Visualisation

Three dimensional 3D tables in Excel


The original file was sent to me by a friend to see if I could work out how it was done.  I did, and so I posted the how to.   757 more words

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Lattice R Users Group Talk

Last night I gave a talk on the Lattice package of R, held together by the idea that Lattice is an expression of Bill Cleveland’s overall philosophy of visualisation. 183 more words

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Stacked comparison charts

When looking at data, what do you prefer?  Lots of bright colours?  As much data as possible so you can draw a conclusion?  If you are like me, you want JUST ENOUGH information to make your decision and clear concise visuals.   357 more words

Effective Communication