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Find Fit for Non-linear data

Three weeks ago I replied to a question in the Wolfram Community site about finding a function fit to points of non-linear data.

Here is the data: 303 more words


Beautiful Infographic: Secrets Of World's Oldest People


I love so many things about this data visualization!  The “Where They Live” and “Centenarians In The U.S.” boxes are, by themselves, great examples of displaying data.   16 more words

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Plotting interactions and non-linear predictions

When interpreting regression model coefficients in which the predictions are non-linear in the original variables, such as when you have polynomial terms or interaction effects, it is much simpler to make plots of the predicted values and interpret those than it is to interpret the coefficients directly. 1,253 more words

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Charles Apple: Two Recent Infographic Fails You Ought to Know About


I have been a big fan of Charles Apple’s work for a long time. I have blogged about him and his work in the past (see “Charles Apple” in my Categories on the right or do a search for “Charles Apple” on my blog). 1,263 more words


5 Data Discovery Pitfalls - Enterprise Apps Today

I find this information from the article to be an especially important piece of the puzzle

Data visualization tools are only as good as the information that is inputted.

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#TBT: Early Attempts at Data Visualization

Before I got into collaborative mapping, I was into the idea of neighborhood-specific data visualizations. Atlanta is full of unique and niche neighborhoods, and each of them has its own life and spirit. 63 more words