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TED Talk: David McCandless, The Beauty of Data Visualization

I love finding new resources, and one of the newsletters I subscribe to is Hints from the Lazy Bear. One of the links they shared this week was this article from Big Data Made Simple: … 191 more words

Business Intelligence | Data Analytics| VMS

2020 Business Intelligence provides the power to look at integrated video, video analytics metadata, social networking information, established information feeds, integrated period information and historical data and complex event intelligence via a multi-touch, user-friendly interface. 267 more words

Business Intelligence

Designing a Data Dashboard (pics)

I recently joined Cooper for a data visualization design class. My biggest lessons from the workshop were:

  1. Prioritize a user type and design the dashboard for that…
  2. 84 more words
Data Visualization

Interactive Graphics: Embed with Text or Stand-Alone?

A growing use interactive graphics, many published on stand-alone websites, questions the importance of the traditional text article or report it is quickly replacing.

A recently… 382 more words

Media Effects

Diabetes associated metabolomic perturbations in NOD mice

Recently I was lucky enough to publish some of my research findings in the Journal Metabolomics. You can check out the full paper, 10.1007/s11306-014-0706-2… 956 more words

Lying with Data: Hate Crimes Edition

My interest was piqued when I saw a much-tweeted article about the “most-prejudiced places in America”.  Maybe not the most grabbing headline, but it sure was when accompanied with this map: 221 more words

mike tahani

I recently stumbled upon some of Mike Tahani’s data visualizations from http://datahacker.tumblr.com/. After working with some data visualizations in the beginning of spring semester, I’ve been getting excited whenever I come across a really interesting or beautiful data visualization that just articulates something about the world in a way words cannot express as elegantly. 44 more words