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How to Become a Strong Data Analyst - 5 Core Skills

When I was first deciding what classes to take in college, I had never envisioned myself to be a data guy.  I really liked engineering and process improvement, but the thought of being labelled as an “analyst” seemed like a very uncool career choice.   874 more words

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This Incredibly Sleek Data Visualization Shows Us How We Move Around In Cities

Human released a data visualization video that compiled the activity of the population in 30 cities. It’s quite intriguing and at times, creepy (only because we’re being tracked). 44 more words

Data Visual: 7/25 (now featuring wind)

Do you like well designed good looking data and wind? Odds are if you are reading this you do, or you accidentally stumbled upon this and I am sorry. 36 more words


Visage Reports Review: Early Days

I’ve been using Visage Reports over the past few days to test its data visualization capabilities. I’m testing it over a period of 3 months and the test case is a basic marketing program KPI report I currently produce twice a week in PowerPoint. 233 more words

Data Visualization

Design Thinking + Voice of the Customer Data

We’re going through a process of thinking about our voice of the customer data. 

Luckily, there’s a ton of data and information out there. But it’s all over the place, in different formats and in different locations.  139 more words

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Real-time Wind, Weather & Climate on Animated Earth Projection

When I got this link in my daily feed from FlowingData this morning, I thought this would just be yet another nifty map graphic but it’s not.  143 more words

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